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Lebanese scholar says US opted for face-saving excuse by accusing Iran

Beirut, Sept 18, IRNA – Lebanese scholar Sheikh Hessan Abdullah said on Wednesday that the US opted for face-saving excuse by accusing Iran of attacking the Saudi refinery.

The head of administrative office of association of Muslim scholars of Lebanon told IRNA that Washington has no choice but to accuse Iran of having something to do with Yemen's attacks on Arabian-American Oil Company (Aramco).

When a poor country's army, like Yemen's, hits the Saudi oil refinery, despite being protected by the US-made anti-missile system of Patriot, there is no way left for Washington to resort to face-saving excuse, except for pointing their fingers to "an undeniably powerful" country like Iran, Sheikh Hessan Abdullah told IRNA.

Abdullah said that there a wide gap between escaping a weak one and escaping a lion. If the Saudis say that a weak poor country could hit them, they will lose their reputation. But if they say Iran, a lion had attacked them, it means that the attack has been huge.

He added that the US showed some pictures claiming that the missiles were Iranian. First, they could have been old ones; and second, if Iran makes an assault, they will not deny it. As we saw about shooting that the US stealth Drone RQ-4, which Tehran openly declared.

Lying is nothing new for the Americans. They lied about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction to attack the country and killed and injured hundreds of thousands of people, he said, adding that now the US is lying about the attacks on Aramco refinery.

He said that by lying about the attacks, the US is not looking for a war with Iran. They are just hunting for a tool to pressure Iran to their goals, such as making Tehran to press the Yemenis to stop the attacks. But Iran never pressures anyone, they just support the oppressed.

Abdullah said that for the US, there is only one way left: Lifting all the sanctions and returning to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, and then having talks with Iran in the context of the JCPOA.


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