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“Team B” on downhill

Tehran, Sept 15, IRNA - Some analysts in Arab media say the ouster of John Bolton, the third national security adviser to US President Donald Trump and one of four members of the “Team B” who played important role in a strategy of "maximum pressure" against Iran, could remove the shadow of war from the region and lead to the collapse of the team.

In a Twitter message on September 10, Trump declared that he had fired his national security adviser. Bolton's anti-Iranian characteristic prompted Trump to appoint him as White House National Security and Foreign Policy Adviser in March last year.

After joining the Trump administration, Bolton launched a campaign of maximum pressure on Iran sooner than expected. His team of hardliners called by the Iranian Foreign Minister as Team B, ruthlessly leveled their charges at the Islamic Republic.

Bolton, along with the Zionist regime of Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman and and Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, as members of Team B, have made the most of their efforts to disrupt the atmosphere of dialogue and destruction of the JCPOA.

With Bolton's expulsion from the White House, the position of anti-Iran warmongers and hardliners has been weakened and the Team B has been on the verge of collapse.

Lebanon al-Jadeed website wrote that Iran has been liberated from one of its most ardent foes by ouster of Bolton. Zarif was able to effectively play a role in Bolton's dismissal with a massive media attack on Bolton and the Team B. The Team B knew only the language of war and was hungry for war and has put diplomacy into the corner. Zarif blamed Team B for both Trump's and the White House's strategic mistakes. Zarif repeatedly emphasized that Trump was not seeking war, but that Bolton was leading him to war. Trump has also confirmed this, saying that if things were in Bolton's hands, he would have brought America into three wars. So far, Iran's Foreign Minister has succeeded. He was able to attract Bin Zayed to Iran. He has also been instrumental in Bolton's removal from the White House. He has also sent positive messages about peace between the two countries to Bin Salman, though Netanyahu is now left alone.

Bolton, along with his Arab friends, was counting on the success of the "Deal of the Century" plan, but with Bolton's dismissal, the evil plan of hardliners such as Bolton, Bin Salman, Bin Zayed and Netanyahu have fallen, according to the Al Sudan Al-Youm newspaper.

Lebanon's Al-Akhbar newspaper said in its analysis that the importance of removing one of the pillars of the war against Iran is not only because Bolton has extremist ideas and supports the politics of war, but also because he has put his animosity with Iran and the nuclear deal into practice. He was the architect of the US withdrawal from the nuclear deal.

Al Arab Al Youm, meantime, noted that Bolton's ouster was a strong slap in the face of the US warmongers, the Zionist regime, and certain Arab states that had been counting on the US war against Iran.

The Syrian regime did not collapse. Hezbollah and the Palestinian resistance movements are still booming. ISIS's plan in Iraq and Syria has failed with the help of Iran. The Saudi plot in Yemen has failed. But the biggest defeat for the warmongers in economic and military terms has been against Iran. Following the downing of the US drone and the inability of Trump to confront Iran, Bolton was forced to cooperate with some warmongers in Washington and London to seize the Iranian oil tanker in the Gibraltar Strait in order to possibly bring Trump into the war against Iran. Netanyahu's conspiracies as a Bolton ally also went nowhere. He carried out air strikes on Syria, Lebanon and Iraq.

According to the London-based Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper, Bolton's dismissal has shown that anyone as Bolton is no longer desirable to the US government. With the ousting of Trump, the US administration has shown that it is not interested in a military adventure that strikes its electoral aspirations. In such circumstances, Iran seems to be in the best strategic position. Consistent sanctions have come to an end, and the failure of these sanctions has shown that a country like Iran can achieve self-sufficiency in all areas.

The London-based Arab newspaper Al-Arab also wrote that what happened to Bolton proves that the Arab countries must deal with Trump with great vigilance because he is a man who is not reliable up to the end of the road. It is better to think better about interacting with him and not put all the eggs in the US basket.


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