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Iran's Abr Forest: Forest surrounded by clouds
Iran's Abr

Tehran, IRNA - The Persian word Abr means "the cloud" and Abr Forest area is the name of a beautiful forest on northern Iran whose sky is full of clouds. The place is one of the most popular natural attractions for leisure time and holidays for tourists interested in getting closer to the nature.

The "Abr Forest"  evokes the rain, and of course the sky. Imagine a forest where the clouds move freely. Here we often see an ocean cover covering the whole forest.

The area is adjacent to two low-pressure areas (Gorgan Plain) and high-pressure areas (Cloud Zone), which makes it easy to move clouds when the Earth is energized, We are Talk about cloud forest in Shahroud,  One of the most beautiful and charming forest landscapes in the world that will undoubtedly leave you with not only a pleasant but also an unforgettable memory.

You can watch Abr forest after passing through Bastam's gardens and this forest lies beyond the foothills and along the summit of the royal 4,000-meter high.

This 35.000 acre forest is part of the ancient Hyrcanian forests. High forest elevation, low temperature in the warm season and abundant springs and diverse forest cover are characteristics of this forest.

The Caspian Hyrcanian Forests are a green belt of predominantly temperate deciduous forests stretching over the northern slopes of the Alborz mountain range, along the southern borders of the Caspian Sea. They stretch across three provinces of Iran (Gilan, Mazandaran and Golestan) from Astara in the northwest to the vicinity of Gorgan in the northeast of Iran, and also include a small western portion in the country of Azerbaijan.

Based on the latest data from the Forests, Rangelands and Watershed Organization (FRWO) the Caspian Hyrcanian Forests are approximately 800 km long and 110 km wide, with a total area of 1.85 million ha.

They comprise 15% of the total Iranian forests and 1.1% of the country‟s area . The Caspian Hyrcanian forests rise from the sea level up to an altitude of 2,800 m and encompass a variety of different forest types. The term “Hyrcanian” came from the word “Hyrcan”, which means wolf land.

*** Where is Abr Forest?

Abr Forest is 45  km far from north of Shahroud city and on Shahroud to Azadshahr way, 12 km in the north of "Abr village". 

Shahroud is one of the cities of Semnan province, located 183 km from Semnan. These forests eventually reach Azadshahr in Golestan province, a town about 74 kilometers from Gorgan, the center of the province.

If you want to go to Bastam, the forest is just 44 km away.

The "Abr forest" is spectacular at all times of the year and enjoys a wonderful variety and beauty. But the best time to visit the area is the first half of March until late October.

If you are planning to watch and visit this forest at this time of year, we suggest you take one day, two day or four day tours that take you to the cloud forest.

Clouds in the "forest clouds" begin to descend as the weather gets colder, reaching the surface of the forest. So start your tour early in the morning, and if you're not planning on staying in the woods for the night, it's best to get out of the cloud in the dark before the weather gets dark.


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