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Iran seeking peace and stability for entire region

Tehran, Sept 13, IRNA – Iran's Minister of Interior Affairs Abdolreza Rahmani-Fazli said Iran is after establishing peace and stability in the whole region.

Speaking in a meeting with his Kyrgyz counterpart Colonel Kashkar Junushaliev, Fazli said both countries enjoy many historical, cultural and religious commonalities.

He also pointed out that 15 MoUs have been signed between Iran and Kyrgyzstan during the President Hassan Rouhani’s term.

He noted the that the current agreement which is signed by Iran-Kyrgyzstan interior ministries will pave the ground for developing further cooperation in security, enforcement cooperation, fighting systematic crimes extremism and drug smuggling.

Accordingly, both countries will hold expert meetings for realizing implementation of all anticipated potentials.

Iranian Interior Ministry is the authority body in various fields such as security, internal policy, law enforcement, appointing governors and managing borders, Fazli said adding that thanks to these authorizations Kyrgyz ministry be benefited by Iran’s experiences through implementation of bilateral agreements.

Iran has lots of experiences in fighting extremism, terrorism, Takfiri groups like international terrorist organizations like Daesh and Al-Qaeda which indicate a violent and extremist image of Islam.

Unfortunately these groups have always been supported by US, Israel, Saudi Arabia and some regional powers, he said noting that Iran is after maintaining peace and stability for all regional states.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Iranian minister rejected foreign countries’ interventions in Islamic World issues, saying this is due to the fact that they are after meeting their own interests and they also tend to disintegrate people in the region.

Their presence in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Afghanistan has so far brought noting but bloodshed, murder and destroying civilization, he reiterated.

Iran is not seeking intervention in internal affairs of other countries, Fazli said adding that Iran will stand by any Muslim brother who needs help.

Pointing to terrorists’ aim to promote unrest and war in Afghanistan, he said Iran is ready to establish cooperation with regional countries in training, exchanging experiences and information affairs.

Iran is also ready to share its experiences in fighting narcotics smugglers, he noted.

In spite of developments in its neighboring countries, Iran is the safest and the calmest country in the region, Fazli said stressing cooperation with Kyrgyzstan in training, exchanging information and reinforcing internal security.

Meanwhile, Junushaliev described as a priority for Kyrgyzstan the developing relations with regional countries like Iran.

He added that International criminal groups have been installed and supported all around the world and are regarded as serious threats for regional countries.

Underlining the importance of cooperation between Iran and Kyrgyzstan, Junushaliev expressed certainty that signing agreement in bilateral law enforcement and security affairs will create new motivation for developing all-out cooperation.

He noted that Iran and Kyrgyzstan had earlier signed cooperation agreements in fighting narcotics in 2016.

Thanks to Iran’s various experiences in fighting criminals and international narcotics smugglers, developing relations with Iranian counterparts will be an important step, Junushaliev said.

Referring to the fact that Kyrgyzstan is located in drug transit route, he extended Bishkek’s offer to share its valuable experiences and information with Iran in this regard.

Kyrgyzstan Interior Ministry is interested in launching joint information systems, exchanging information, training new methods and doing researches, Junushaliev noted.


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