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Arab analyst describes Adrian Darya "lump in Trump’s throat"

Tehran, Sept 6, IRNA - Abdel Bari Atwan, editor-in-chief of Al-Ray- Al-Youm newspaper called the US effort to pap bribe to Adrian Darya’s captain as moral bankruptcy and wrote that the ship has become a lump in Trump’s throat.

In an editorial on Friday, the analyst on regional affairs addressed the issue of Adrian Darya and the US efforts to seize it and bribe the captain of the ship.

According to Al-Ray- Al-Youm, Atwan believes the captain of the ship, who did not sell his dignity to millions of dollars, is a lesson for Arabs to adhere to their moral values ​​and simply not sell their principles.

Referring to the White House's endorsement of attempted bribing of the captain of the Iranian ship, Atwan wrote that this has shown us and others the level of moral bankruptcy of the US and proved that the US has failed in its economic blockade against Iran or other countries.

By exerting pressure on Iran, Donald Trump has created a crisis for himself that has so far failed in most battles, and the most notable examples are the White House's inability to react in the face of downing of its expensive UAVs and fail to secure the safety of oil tanker of its partner in the Persian Gulf.

For this reason, the Trump cabinet has been begging for talks with Iran for a long time and is seeking to sit on the negotiating table, and Iran has not responded to the US request.

Trump has even failed in the case of the Iranian tanker, as it failed to seize the ship he also has been failed to bribe the captain with millions of dollars.

Iran, meanwhile, still has the British oil tanker in its seizure to use as a trump card in the event of US action against Adrian Darya.

Abdul Bari Atwan wrote at the end of his article that this noble Indian captain has proved to the world that there are still men in the world who, despite intense pressure on them, are not willing to sell themselves to money; he stands alone against the power of global arrogance. This man's act is a lesson for people like former Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir who sold himself to the Saudis.


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