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US expert says Trump's administration puts World in danger

New York, Aug 31, IRNA – The author of 'Oil and the Global Capitalist Crisis' said on Saturday that Trump administration has put the world in a lot of risks due to the nature of his chaotic policies.

Caleb Maupin in an interview with IRNA commenting whether the French initiative could reduce the current tension and pave the way for direct talks between the US and Iran, stated that any move toward the negotiations and resolving the tensions would be positive.

He added that Trump administration has put the world in danger; whether in maritime operations, accusation leveled against Iran, escalating sanctions or accusing Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) and label them terrorists.

The Obama administration proceeded with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) because they had a close relationship with France and Germany, whereas Trump administration represents sanctions of the American ruling circle that are hostile to the European Union countries. Trump is also enthusiastic in supporting Brexit, he underlined.

The American author noted that after signing the JCPOA, a number of European countries were very excited in possibility of purchasing natural gas from the Islamic republic of Iran.

Many countries of the European Union have already purchased natural gas from Russia, Maupin said adding that "The White House wants countries in the Europe to purchase the natural gas all the way from the United States which is very expensive."

The author of 'Oil and the Global Capitalist Crisis' said that some European countries are looking for an alternative to purchase the US natural gas and Trumps administration is strict on the countries because of purchasing gas from Iran and Russia.

He pointed out that the United States is the major supporter of Israel with billions of dollars every year. In the past, we have seen the US government criticized Israel's settlement activities but Trump administration has basically communicated with the Israel that they will not get in their way at all.

The United Nation and international community put no restraints on Israeli activates, Maupin said adding that it has opened the door for Israel to engage in activities that they may in the past have been more cautious about.

The American analyst emphasized that Israel and Netanyahu's administration have been given a "blanket of approval" for whatever they decide to do.

Answering a question about the statement of Mark Esper United States Secretary of Defense that says "They are not seeking conflict with Iran and want to engage diplomatically to resolve issues in the Persian Gulf", he underlined it may indicate that perhaps there were "off the record conversations" in G7 Summit which Trump was convinced that another approach might worth trying.

He added that it is "quite shocking" to hear these words in the aftermath of what we've seen for last 2 years which has been nothing but an extreme level of escalation with Iran and any possible measure which makes things more difficult to Iran has been utilized.

To focus merely on opening negotiations would not convince Iranian official, he said adding that perhaps there has been some understandings with European countries in line with creating peace in the world that we can be optimistic about it.

Commenting on John Bolton who is an expert on Sovietology and Communism, he added that the politician came to prominence right at the time that the Soviet Union collapsed. He talks about Iran as if he talks about the Soviet Union and his articles have been pointed to the Soviet Union's combat.

Pentagon is in some cases clear-headed on the matters of Iran. There are many who are deeply concerned about terrorism of Al-Qaeda and Saudi Arabia's ties with it within the Pentagon itself and in the military, he stressed.

Iran has sent its military advisers to Syria to fight on the battlefields against ISIS, he added.

He said that people has joined military forces because they are afraid of terrorist attacks by Wahhabis and they want to stop terrorism. They know instead of fighting terrorism in the Middle East there is a fighting with the enemies of the terrorism.

Caleb Maupin is a widely acclaimed speaker, writer, journalist, and political analyst.


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