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Kouhrang on slope of Zagros Mount: Beautiful with splendid weather
Kouhrang county

Shahrekord, IRNA –There is a popular belief among Iranians that northern regions of Iran should be widened in the hot season to reach cool weather, but that is not the case, you will appreciate the cool weather in Chaharmahal Va Bakhtiari's Kouhrang.

To travel to Koohrang after a 9-hour journey from Tehran, you would reach Shahrekord by bus or by car, then the road to Chelgerd the capital of Kouhrang County, about 90 km to the capital of Kouhrang county. This area is known as the White Paradise of Iran, because 10% of all Iranian waters come from this area and are abundant in winter.

If you travel to Kouhrang region in the spring, you will see the overturned poppies, one of Iran's most flower covered areas. This great plain is a mix of greenness and red poppies. It's not hard to imagine such a paradise on the slopes of the Zagros Mountains.

But where to see it from some pictures and where to go and where to see it closely. Inside the photo, you can't feel the good weather and in  April or May each year, up to 50,000 tourists  come to this region.

Many believe that the best time to travel to Kouhrang in Chaharmahal  Va Bakhtiari is April and May, because in the spring season,  springs are full and the overturned poppies have made it all the more beautiful.

But we say that  the area is beautiful in every season. In summer, both the medicinal plants grow there and the weather is cool, which can be a hangout. In the fall one can see the nomads and stay in the nomadic tourist camp and in the winter the hot ski market.

*** Sheikh Alikhan Waterfall

The Sheikh Alikhan Waterfall is a natural attraction of the Kouhrang City, 9 km northwest of Chelgerd, about 90 km from Shahrekord in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province. It is part of a comparatively intact part of Iran for hiking, bird-watching and sight-seeing and attracts a large number of tourists every year in all seasons.


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