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Russian Professor says Britain lost credibility by supporting US against Iran

Moscow, Aug 21, IRNA - A professor at the Russian State University of Management Fayel Ibyatov noted that British compliance with the US anti-Iran policies has negatively influenced London's image.

The British government's withdrawal over the seizure of Adrian Darya tanker and the release of the ship in the Gibraltar Strait has damaged London's credibility at the international arena, the Russian Professor noted in an exclusive interview with IRNA on Wednesday.

Ibyatov went on to say that the seizure of the Iranian ship and its release in Gibraltar was a good lesson for the British government not to blindly follow US anti-Iranian policies.

Iran behaved very wisely and responded appropriately by seizing the British tanker in the Strait of Hormuz, Ibyatov went on to say.

The Russian university professor highlighted that Britain had seized the Iranian ship for the sake of its own interests and to benefit from it in the Brexit in order to secure the US support for its departure from the European Union without paying a huge sum.

He  said that the UK is looking to make profit from any issue in the international arena, and such a policy would in some cases harm the country and damage its credibility.

Professor at the University of Russia believes that the P4 + 1's approach, including Russia, France, Britain, China and Germany vis-à-vis the JCPOA is based on maximum cooperation with Iran to overcome these complex conditions. It seems that Britain after America's departure and changes in this country is slowly moving away from other European countries.

"Because we see actions contrary to the European approach to the JCPOA by the British and they are working with the United States to help pressure Iran rather than help resolve the situation.”, the expert highlighted.

According to Ibyatov, British actions in the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz, which are in line with US tense policies, aggravate the situation in the region.

He reiterated that London must either set its sights on whether to take steps to implement the policy or to publicly state its policy.

The Russian professor believes that the European parties have not fully fulfilled their obligations under this international agreement, and that INSTEX is not the financial mechanism for facilitating trade relations with Iran what was initially expected.

He noted that INSTEX should also be used for cooperation with non-European countries with Iran and this mechanism should include Iranian oil sales.

Europe has so far failed to deliver on its commitments to Iran, and European officials have spoken out of action, the Russian expert added.

Ibyatov also said that Iran-Russia cooperation should be increased in the current situation and that the two countries must diversify their economic and industrial cooperation structures to include more sectors.

According to a Russian university professor, Iran and Russia have large capacities in sectors such as power plants, petrochemicals, shipbuilding, aircraft manufacturing and other important areas related to advanced technologies that can achieve important results via synergy.

"These measures can be a good response to the US and Western sanctions against the two countries and provide a good basis for enhancing the level of bilateral cooperation," he said.


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