Aug 21, 2019, 3:26 PM
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Pressure on Iran unjust, not in region’s interest: Pak ex-envoy

Islamabad, Aug 21, IRNA - Former Pakistani ambassador strongly believes that it is time to create an understanding in the world that the pressure on Iran is unjust and it is not in the interest of the region.

In an interview with IRNA, Javed Hafeez described Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif's recent visits to different capitals as a positive move.

He added that every foreign minister must explain his country's stance on certain issues, so he is going to various capitals to present Iran's view point on different important world issues.

“He is very articulate I have heard him, I am sure he must have explained the Iranian position very well and this is a time to create an understanding in other capitals of the world that the pressure on Iran is unjust and it is not in the interest of the region and that the tensions between Iran and the US should be alleviated which would not only benefit the entire region but the whole world,” said the expert.

The analyst went on to say that Gibraltar government released Iran's seized oil tanker on court's order. He added that Gibraltar court had ordered that Britain's government has no authority to capture the oil tanker and they ordered its release and this decision must be respected.

"Walking away from the nuclear deal, the JCPOA, by the US was not a right thing. Former US President Barrack Obama had done a great job by signing a deal with Iran which brought Iran closer to the west," said the expert on international affairs.

He noted that Iran after a long process of negotiations finally agreed the deal and I think Iran should be rewarded for that, whereas now it is being punished for something which it has not done.

“Coercive policy against Iran is not effective,” the analyst pointed out.

Expressing his views, Javed Hafeez said tensions in the world are never welcomed because they send wrong signals to the entire area also the tensions are not good for trade and for general stability in the region so Pakistan views the US-Iran tensions with concern.

"Further heightening of tensions can impact on Pakistan as well, that is why we always hope and pray and do whatever we can to ease down the tensions," he added.

He stated: "We hope that it would not cross certain red lines and the region would reach stability and peace."


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