Aug 20, 2019, 4:17 PM
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Analyst says purposeful 'fake news' on Iran, Russia underway

Moscow, Aug 20, IRNA – Russian political analyst and expert Recep Safarov on Tuesday said he believes that some news spread by Arab media focusing on cooperation between Russia and Israel against the Iranian military forces is not only fabricated and fake but also aimed at tarnishing the images of Iran and Russia in the eyes of their people in order to lower their level of cooperation. 

Speaking to IRNA, Safarov referred to some gossips in Kuwaiti media regarding Israeli fighters’ flight over Iran skies which had apparently happened in 2018 and Iranian air defense system could not monitor their movement.

He added that ‘Al-Jarida’ Newspaper has promoted this fake news claiming that F- 35 fighters were freely flying over Tehran, Karaj, Arak, Isfahan, Shiraz and Bandar Abbas and have taken photos of Iranian air defense systems and nuclear installations. 

He went on to say that the F-35 fighters’ range is over two thousand kilometers, adding that these fighters in the format of Golden Eagle are located in Nevatim Airbase.

If we consider that these fighters have also entered Syrian air space too, so their path will increase to over 200 km meaning that it will be over 3000 km, he noted.

He went on to say that Israelis themselves somehow rejected Kuwaiti media claim on July 9.

Because the Israeli media ‘NZIV’, released a report claiming that Israeli forces have tested possibility of entering Iran air space and circumventing Iran’s S-300 system.

The Russian expert believes that Kuwaiti media’s gossip was an effort for waging media war aiming to create distrust between Iranian and Russian people, undermining Russian air defense systems and justifying purchase of the so-called modern US’ F-35 fighters by other countries.


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