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Expert says nuclear arms not to bring security for US

New York, Aug 10, IRNA – A columnist for the Canadian-based website "Global Research" described the US unilateralist approach toward international agreements, including the nuclear treaty with China and Russia, as "bullying", adding that such policies will not provide security for the US.

Rick Sterling, the investigative journalist and columnist, said that the consequences of the US withdrawal from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF Treaty) will not add to the country's national security.

The move, he said, will only consume more resources to develop weapons, "instead of being used to improve the lives of people in the US".

"Infrastructure is deteriorating and the number of homeless people is increasing.  For example, there are 130 thousand people in California who don't even have a home to live in," he said.

Rejecting the assumption that unilateralism would guarantee the US security, String said, "It makes us less secure by making war more likely.  It increases the risk of war with countries that can defend themselves, countries that have the power to strike back if attacked."

Saying that arms control agreements, like New START Treaty, are in jeopardy with the neocons running US foreign policy, Sterling said, "It limits the number of deployed strategic warheads to 1,550. This is enough to destroy the world many times over yet the New START Treaty may not be renewed."

Another important agreement that is in jeopardy is the Outer Space Treaty, the treaty that prohibits nuclear weapons in space.

Referring to Outer Space Treaty as another agreement that is threatened by the US polices, he said questioning the US greed for world dominance at the cost of "destruction of the planet".

Commenting on the possible effects of the US withdrawal from INF on China, he said, "China is a rising power because of its economic strength and because it seeks partnership with countries on a win-win basis.  If the US installs nuclear missiles in Asia it is going to increase anxiety and prompt response.  But will not intimidate China.  Threats and bullying tactics are not going to work.  China will target the bases that target it."

Describing Washington's measures to manufacture nuclear weapons as "madness", the expert said, "Seventy-four years since Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the world has apparently forgotten how devastating these weapons are.  And they are ten times more deadly today."


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