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Zarif voice of rightfulness of Iran in diplomatic language

Islamabad, Aug 9, IRNA -- Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif is not only a Foreign Minister rather is the voice of rightfulness of the Islamic Republic of Iran in diplomatic language, said a statement by Iran embassy in Islamabad.

Press Section of the embassy said the US sanctions on FM Zarif has proven that he has a profound influence on public opinion globally and especially on the American people's opinion about the untruthful approaches and policies of their leaders.

It added the US government by maintaining its unilateral approach and economic terrorism against Iranian nation, through an unusual step against diplomatic norm and International law, put name of Javad Zarif in the sanctions list of US Treasury Department.

“Trump administration since one year has adopted a unilateral approach by committing illegal methods not only against Islamic Republic of Iran, rather against diplomacy and multilateralism,” the embassy said.

The statement further said unilateral withdrawal from Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), which was concluded after one decade of negotiation, imposing sanctions against Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), an official defense force of the Islamic Republic of Iran, imposing sanctions on Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran and now illegal ban on Foreign Minister of Iran after imposing some restrictions on his presence in United Nations General Assembly session on July 12, 2019 are only some evident cases of illegal behavior of US government against International laws.

“Decision of banning Foreign Minister, is in violation of International obligations of US state including established international rules, principals and laws, obligations under UN Charter, The Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations (1961) and the UN Headquarters agreement (1947). According to Article IV section 11 of the UN Headquarters agreement,” said the embassy.

It said the US act shows the weakness of Americans against logic and arguments of the diplomatic apparatus of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

“Zarif is not only a Foreign Minister rather is the voice of rightfulness of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Diplomatic language,” it said.

The embassy went on to say that M. Zarif said about recent US Sanctions, that “imposing sanctions against a Foreign Minister means failure in negotiations, failure in diplomacy and opposing talks”.

The statement said putting up name of Foreign Minister of Iran in the sanctions list of the US Treasury Department is an illegal and unprecedented step to prevent essential duties of a Ministry of Foreign Affairs of an independent and sovereign state and member of UN, which create impediment in way of establishing of official communication of the government with other governments and international organizations.

“US government through this step has targeted entirety of foreign relations of Iran in interaction with the world and has proved that against its apparent claims, it does not truly will to talk and negotiate with the Islamic Republic of Iran rather these statements meant to deceive the international community,” added the statement.  

It noted that banning of Mr. Zarif, is not his personal ban rather considered imposing of sanctions and step against the very notion of “Diplomacy” at the global level.

“This action is unacceptable legally, normally and morally and leads toward closing down of diplomatic way, channels of discussions and resorting to peaceful means to settle international disputes. Finally this action provides basis for escalations in the region and the whole world. In case of not showing appropriate response to this illegal step to weaken diplomacy, it may lead to a dangerous procedure,” it said.

The embassy noted this is the first time that one government systematically put officials and official institutions of another state under sanctions.

“However, during tenure of Donald Trump, sanctions have become a dangerous and routine weapon to put pressure on other countries,” it said.

“US as an imperialistic power is showing last teeth to kneel down its opponent,” said the statement.

It added ban on Foreign Minister, according to President Hassan Rouhani, is a childish step and a ridiculous tragedy that US has resorted to it cowardly, so that can hide its fear behind these screams.

The embassy further said the recent US sanctions against head of diplomatic apparatus of a sovereign state, is in stark contrast to the spirit of diplomacy and is in contrast to the claims by US officials regarding inviting Iran for negotiations without any pre-conditions.

“Sanctions against Iranian nation and preventing them from access to food, medical and interests gained from oil sale were in contradiction to colorful and false claims of US in defense of human rights and democracy,” it said.

The embassy added United States of America has repeatedly proven that it can take any measure and does not spare any step in violation of any rule of international relations and law, to fulfill its self-claimed interests.

“Instead of counting on trans-regional powers, now is the critical moment for us to come together to solve regional issues and defend international law, peace, security and regional development with unity and convergence,” it stressed.


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