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Trump facing impasse vis-a-vis Iran: Senior analyst

Tehran, Aug 4, IRNA - A senior Middle East analyst Abdel Bari Atwan in response to the Iranian Foreign Minister's sanction by the US administration, described the move as very disgusting and noted Trump's decision reflects their impasse in swamp of crisis of ties with Iran.

In an article in Ray al-Youm news paper, he further wrote that the language of sanctions is the only language Donald Trump has considered effective, especially in regard to Iran and its allied Arab and Islamic movements such as Hezbollah in Lebanon, Islamic Jihad and Hamas in Gaza and Ansarullah of Yemen and Popular Mobilization Force (Hashd ul-Shaabi) in Iraq, but he has come to a point where the US government is imposing these sanctions on Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, signaling the deterioration of the US’ situations and end of the bank of sanctions at its disposal.

Trump had previously imposed sanctions against Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and senior IRGC commanders, including General Qasem Soleimani, the commander of Iran's Quds Force, but chose Zarif when nobody was left.

Trump's action was so outrageous that no European country, not even Britain, endorsed it. This is because the Iranian Leader, Foreign Minister and the President or Secretary-General of Hezbollah have no dollar in US banks to be blocked; Those who do not leave their country except when necessary.

The decision to impose sanctions on Zarif coincided with what the New Yorker Magazine published about Trump's invitation of Zarif to Washington to discuss the crisis between the two countries, but Zarif rejected the invitation received from Republican Senator Rand Paul.

Governments that have the dignity and spirit of nationalism and respect their religious and civilizational values ​​will never incline to the US’ invitation, especially in the face of ongoing pressure and sanctions.

The US president, who is accustomed to the devotion of some Arab countries and their acknowledgment of his leadership and compliance, thinks they are all alike, and imagines that Iranian leaders would immediately be happy with Trump's message and seize the opportunity to meet in the White House and take pictures in the oval room, but this time Trump proved his ignorance to the world.

Trump has entered into a swamp of tension with Iran and does not know how to get out of it, especially as Iran rejects any mediator, even attempted to down the US's highly advanced spy drone in its airspace. The Iranians have pursued nuclear enrichment and continue ballistic missile tests.

It is unlikely that the sanctions against Zarif would have been in response to Iran's downing of the drone, and Trump has had no choice but to do so. Of course, Zarif’s laughs after these Trump sanctions will be even more impressive.


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