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Chinese diplomat: US never honest with Iran

Beijing, Aug 2, IRNA - A Chinese diplomat who has been responsible for embassies in two European countries on his political career has said Washington has never been honest with Iran.

On the one hand, Trump claims unconditional talks with Iran and, on the other hand, sanctions Iran's negotiating official; this situation shows that the US government is not honest with Iran, Joe Zhou Shou said Friday in an interview with IRNA.

He said the United States is not honest not only with Iran, but also with China. For example, the United States has withdrawn from the JCPOA as a reputable international agreement in the past two years and has repeatedly ignored its promises in trade negotiations with China. The most recent case involves representatives of the US negotiating a trade deal with China while imposing a $300 billion tariff on Chinese goods.

The Chinese diplomat, who was previously in charge of Chinese embassies in the Netherlands and Hungary, stressed that the United States should be more concerned about world peace and the Middle East rather than sanctioning Iran and tensions in the region.

In relevant remarks earlier, Iran's ambassador to Denmark Moretza Moradian emphasized that the sanction FM’s Zarif means the height of despair, confusion and helplessness; there is no doubt that Zarif’s popularity increases and his words are better heard.

Moradian wrote on his personal Twitter account that the United States by sanctioning Zarif has been targeting logic and reasoning after a series of international failures, economic terrorism, maximum pressure, military threat and building coalition against the Iranian people.

According to IRNA, on Wednesday, the US Treasury Department announced the news of sanctioning Mohammad Javad Zarif. According to a statement from the US Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), has been announced the reason for sanctioning of the Iranian Foreign Minister direct or indirect compliance with the Supreme Leader.

Iran's Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations Majid Takhte Ravanchi described the sanctions against Iranian Foreign Minister as a sign of the US insincerity to negotiate with Iran, saying the sanctions cannot quell Mohammad Javad Zarif’s eloquent and persuasive words.

In an exclusive interview with IRNA on Friday morning, Takhte Ravanchi noted that the sanctions against head of diplomacy apparatus of Iran is the most important reason for US officials' insincerity to negotiate with Iran.

The US Treasury that has become the White House economic war chamber against the Iranian people, on Wednesday evening put the Islamic Republic's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on its sanctions’ list.

Permanent Representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations on the Impact of new sanctions on foreign minister's activities highlighted that just as the restrictions imposed two weeks ago on Dr. Zarif did not affect his enlightening activities on his trip to New York, so the sanctions will not  influence his activities and subdue his rational, eloquent and persuasive language.

Referring to numerous requests by the mainstream foreign media for an interview with Zarif through teleconference or travel to Iran or in third countries during Thursday and Friday, Ravanchi said that these requests show that the US government has made the mistake.

The talks of the head of the diplomatic apparatus of the Islamic Republic of Iran with foreign media, especially during a trip to New York to attend UN meetings, infuriated the US officials, especially Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and “Team B”, so that the US has imposed some restrictions on Zarif.

Despite these limitations, the Iranian Foreign Minister responded positively to the demands of several US media outlets, and, in the language of logic and reasoning, exposed the false claims of White House officials, the Zionist regime, as well as the Saudis.

US President Donald Trump wrote on his Twitter account on Monday that the Iranians have not won any war and lost negotiations.

These statements clearly indicate that the White House has been frustrated by the initiatives of the Islamic Republic of Iran for negotiations and has failed to form the coalition they have been seeking for the past two years.

 “Team B” and John Bolton’s interviews on Thursday show their satisfaction with Zarif’s sanction and have the illusion that via Zarif’s sanction they could weaken Iran's negotiating power and reach a new deal.


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