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Zarif urges Pompeo to be responsive to reporters rigorous questions

Tehran, July 31, IRNA - Iranian foreign minister revealed US Seretary of State Mike Pompeo's empty request for interview and urged him to be responsive to reporters' serious questions.

"Instead of making empty and disingenuous offers, @SecPompeo can accept any of the many requests from Iranian reporters to interview US officials," Mohammad Javad Zarif tweeted on Wednesday night.

He added: "He has refused til now, as he knows he has to be accountable to rigorous questioning—the very same way I am by the US media."

Then in a separate message Iranian foreign minister said: "@SecPompeo will then have to explain why he—& his boss:

Call Iran a terrorist nation;"

He reiterated "Distort historical name of PERSIAN GULF to grovel to client regimes;

Distort even the BIBLE to kowtow to a #B_Team member;  

Employ  #EconomicTerrorism against entire Iranian people; and ..."

Earlier, The spokesman of the Iranian Government Ali Rabiei said that Iran has no reservation to hear voice of US secretary of state after Mike Pompeo said he was interested in interview with Iranian media.

The US can make a wall and a border and can blockade Iran by Economic Terrorism; our active diplomacy will make bridges between the Iranian people and the world public opinions, said Ali Rabiei.

Rabiei said Press TV host Marzieh Hashemi can have an interview with Mike Pompeo if he is interested.

He added that the way they treated Iranian journalists was disrespect to dialog and media, as well.

The image that the Islamic Republic is isolated, is misinformation by the US and the Israel, smashed to pieces last week; wherever the US intended to make a wall by the Economic Terrorism, it was broken by Zarif and other officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he said.


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