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Lebanese experts: US should find way to reduce tensions with Iran

Beirut, Aug 1, IRNA-The US has stepped up tensions with Tehran by withdrawing from the nuclear deal and then imposing new sanctions on the Iranian nation, so Washington must find a way to ease the tension,  Lebanese experts said.

Experts say tensions between Iran and Britain in the Persian Gulf and the seizure of the oil tanker carrying Iranian oil Iranian in Gibraltar also London is an executor of the US plans.

In the meantime, the question is what are the ways to reduce that tension and to get out of the crisis in which the United States has stepped up its tensions with Iran with the actions outlined above.

A Lebanese expert described the solution to the crisis between the United States and Iran as Iran's getting closer to China and Russia.

Another Lebanese expert also said that the UN should exercise its power in this regard and enforce just international law, which unfortunately does not exist now because the United Nations is in the hand of the United States.

Lebanese analyst Mohammed Obeid in Beirut in an interview with IRNA noted that the US is responsible for intensifying its positions with Iran, which has led to some sort of military confrontation because it was the US that withdrew from the nuclear deal and then imposed economic and financial sanctions. It has imposed on the Iranian nation, so any party that has created this crisis must seek a solution.

The solution to the crisis between the United States and Iran is primarily to lift economic sanctions and return to the situation that existed before Donald Trump imposed sanctions on Iran.

Then "we have to look at how to go back to implementing the nuclear deal", because Iran cannot seek to sign a new agreement, because it took years to reach a nuclear deal, and ultimately through continued efforts and joint efforts of all parties involved have come to the JCPOA, he said. So it is now up to the US government to correct the mistake it made or the exit from the nuclear deal.

Waiting for America to return to the right path, some mediators will make efforts, but these efforts will not change anything, Obeid added.

He further emphasized that another issue raised by the US is that the Islamic Republic of Iran and, in other words, the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) are responsible for maritime security in the Strait of Hormuz and the Sea of Oman, although this is not a new issue, but a historical responsibility that existed before the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran. So Americans are looking to cross historical and geographical realities.

The US sanctions on Iran are a clear reason for the lack of military confrontation, Salem Zahran, another Lebanese analyst and expert, told IRNA.

Americans know they will lose in the face of military confrontation, so they resorted to the "sword of sanctions" as an alternative to the military option, meaning that the US only resorted to the sanctions option when it felt the military option was out of reach.

He then referred that in his opinion, the Iranians understood this fact very well, so we witnessed the US drone downed by Iran.

On the way to decrease tensions between Iran and the US, Zahran added that the United Nations should use its power.

Zahran noted that the Security Council's European members have not played their role as they should in the implementation of just international law that would improve US-Iranian relations.

There has to be an international law to say the last word in this regard, and this is something that has not been realized so far.

The second issue is that the Israelis are the basis of the provocation of the US government; it is not clear that which part of the US government tended to reach agreement with the Islamic Republic of Iran and actually achieve a nuclear deal, but it is the Israelis and the Zionist lobby who have been pushing the White House. They were incited to cancel the agreement with Iran.

As for Team B, Salem Zahran went on to say that Mohammed bin Salman is the weakest link in the circle, and the Americans only want him to make money, he has no influence on the US politics.

In my opinion, the saying that the Saudis have influence in the US government is an exaggeration because they cannot change the US decision.

But as for John Bolton and the games of the US government, Trump is seeking a deal with Iran, but a deal that is in the interest of the Americans, he is seeking a humiliating deal like he is used to deal with Arabs; This is something that will not happen in interaction with Iran.

However, there is now one government in the US that uses tools like Bolton, which means he is a tool, not a target, and Ben Salman is smaller than even a tool, Zahran said.

You may have to wait until the end of Trump's presidency, however, the cost of confronting America seems to be less than the cost of friendship with it.

"Iran's solution is to get out of the crisis, is to strengthen its friendship with China and Russia, and move towards some European partners as a replacement for the US and a replacement for sanctions," he said.


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