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Iran a balancing power in region: Pak analyst

Islamabad, July 30, IRNA -- Senior Pakistani journalist and author says that Islamic Republic of Iran is a balancing power in the region which is not allowing external forces to disrupt security of the strategically important Strait of Hormuz.

In an interview with IRNA, Shahid-ur-Rehman said it is a good thing that Iran is a balancing power in the region, otherwise, the external forces have done to Strait of Hormuz what they have done to Suez Canal in 1956.

The expert added some countries want to hinder the international freedom of oil shipment because they are worried from the power of Iran in the region.

He said that tension which has mounted particularly between Iran and the US in last one year is oriented towards elections in the United States.

“President Donald Trump is a conservative person, he belongs to the old generation who believes in the supremacy of the white and thinks that the US is the greatest power on Earth,” viewed the expert.

He said that he believes that till there is election in the US there would not be any massive reduction in tension.

“This issue will continue on and off and there will be ups and down till the election but after the election there is possibility that Europe and other countries will prevail on the US and there would be an ease in the tensions,” Shahid-ur-Rehman noted.

The analyst added tensions right now are of political nature and ‘I don’t think there would be any breakthrough, I mean the tensions will be there till there are elections in the US.’

He observed that in the Strait of Hormuz many countries of the region have vested interests and many transregional countries have vested interests, the countries who are importing oil want trade of oil to continue without interference. 

The author said that Saudi Arabia, other Arab countries and Zionist Regime are siding with the US and looking for an opportunity so that there is tension between the US and Iran.

“It is a superpower game, it is a political game in which many countries are taking sides,” he said.

Shahid-ur-Rehman said other countries of the region have to come forward because Strait of Hormuz is linked with the Indian Ocean and any disturbance in the area would have far reaching impact on the entire Indian Ocean. 

He said that Indian Ocean has become a field of international rivalry and the countries have to move forward very carefully.


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