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Iran's strategy promoting security in region: Speaker

Tehran, July 28, IRNA - Speaker of the Iranian Parliament (Majlis) Ali Larijani at the meeting with Omani Foreign Minister noted that the strategy of the Islamic Republic of Iran is to promote security in the region.

Ali Larijani on Sunday at a meeting with Omani FM Yusuf bin Alawi, reminded the long-standing friendship between Iran and Oman in various circumstances and the imposed war, and stated, "The role of Oman in the region is positive, as the Oman in Iran's nuclear issue played an important role.”

Larijani added that the nuclear deal has some opponents in Iran, but was accepted in light of the total conditions, but the United States left the agreement one year ago, and this act was disrespecting to many countries, including Iran and Oman, however, the Islamic Republic of Iran for one year, with the demands of the French and German presidents, and of course the British, endured the situation and gave them the opportunity to compensate.

The speaker went on to say, "Unfortunately, during this period, the Europeans did nothing and seems to have failed or did not want to, and contrary to what they said, so, in accordance with the nuclear agreement, Iran reciprocated, based on the principle of "fulfilling obligations to the extent that the other parties adhere".

Larijani, referring to regional issues and concerns about the issue, said that Americans have sanctioned Iran, but the question is, why did the British enter this issue, or why was the Iranian ship stopped? The British have stole the Iranian ship and we do not know what that benefit is for them.”

He noted that some countries in the region need to change their behavior in order to achieve sustainable security, because it disrupts the current behavior of the region. The Capacity of region has its limit and nobody can witness a long war in Yemen.”

Yusuf bin Alawi for his part, while reminding Oman and Iran’s the cooperation, noted, "Our path is the same and our goal namely the stable security in the region is evident. We are convinced that Iranians are wise, and we believe that Iran has played an important role in the security of the region.

The Oman Foreign Minister highlighted that “Unfortunately, the problem of the world is the lack of sovereignty of reason and logic, so that in the world we witness the growth of populism and the emergence of irrational leaders, so we have to interact ourselves.”

"Our goal is to persuade the international community to pursue diplomacy, and to create the belief that "the occurrence of accidents damaging the security of our region will harm all countries," he said.

The Oman Foreign Minister said, "There was a lot of work in the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council, but when the crisis occurred in the Council, the first victim was this council, and now the crises have led the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council to change the views and thoughts of some countries."


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