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“Deal of Century” doomed to failure: Velayati

Tehran, July 23, IRNA - Advisor to the Supreme Leader in International Affairs Ali Akbar Velayati stressed that “The Deal of the Century” though not fully formed yet is already doomed to failure.

He made the remark in a meeting with deputy leader of Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas,Saleh al-Arouri, and his accompanying high ranking delegation on Tuesday.

Velayati added that there is no way, but unity of all Muslims on the issue of the liberation of Palestine as the pivotal theme, and the need for this unity is felt more than before.

At the beginning of this meeting, the adviser to the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, referred to the remarks of Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei on Monday and went on to say, "Your last day’s talks with the Supreme Leader were very strategic and important, and a milestone in the relations between Iran and Palestine, and the relationship of the Republic Islamic of Iran with the Palestinian people is a deep-rooted, and deep-seated that is getting stronger every day."

He stated that Iran and Palestine had meaningful and effective relations, saying, "There is no doubt that there is no way, but the unity of the word and the unity of all Muslims about the issue of the liberation of Palestine as a fundamental and pivotal issue, and the need for this unity must exist more than before." 

He emphasized that the trip of the delegation was at a time and in the important juncture, namely the issues related to “The Deal of The Century” that has not yet been formed, but is doomed to failure.

Referring to the need to resist against the front of the enemies of the Islamic world and Muslims, Velayati highlighted, “The only way to deal with the avarice of enemies is to resist. The Palestinian issue has had many ups and downs throughout history, but it has never been extinguished in the shadow of resistance, and the success of the Palestinian people will continue, thanks to the revival of Islamic values ​​that Hamas represents and symbolizes of these values."

Saleh al-Aurori for his part expressed his satisfaction with the visit, noting, "We are very pleased to meet with Dr. Velayati in a number of occasions while traveling to Tehran and we believe that he has very important views on the subject and ideals of the Palestinian people."

He added that Dr. Velayati had a special interest in Palestine since the beginning of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, not only Palestine, but also the issue of Iran and the threat that targeted Islamic countries and confronting the hostilities. We also emphasize the strengthening of bilateral cooperation and ties in all fields


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