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Zarif: Iran not to renegotiate with US

Tehran, July 17, IRNA – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif told BBC that the US has left the negotiation table and Iran will not renegotiate with the US.

"If you allow a bully to bully you into accepting one thing, you'll encourage him to bully you into accepting other things," said Zarif speaking to BBC Hard Talk in an exclusive interview.

Zarif said, "We negotiate this deal; we did what we were supposed to do, [but] the US did not do what it was supposed to do."

"The United States is working on the policy line that what's mine is mine and what's yours is negotiable too."

He said that the US needs to come back to the table by basically fulfilling their obligations.

Regarding US claims that Iran is destabilizing the region, Zarif said Iran did not support Saddam, Iran did not support, but fought the ISIS – and President Trump confessed to that, that's not Iran that is bombing the Yemenis, Iran did not arrest the prime minister of Lebanon and did not imprison him.

"If the United States is looking for those responsible for malign behavior in the region, they need to look at their own allies."

Quoting Trump as saying that he is engaged in economic war with Iran and not a military one, Zarif said, "Economic war targets civilians; military war targets military personnel, [and] sometimes civilians are collateral damage," and "[US] Secretary [Mike] Pompeo has said we want Iranian people to change their government."

Putting these two together, one understands that the US is "terrorizing the Iranian people" in order to achieve its political objectives and "that's the classical definition of terrorism."

Zarif said that Iran is a normal country with "political objectives", but the US is not a normal one because it has violated numerous international agreements.

US allies in the region are spending billions of dollars on military equipment; Saudi Arabia spent 67 billion dollars and bombing the Yemenis and the Iranian military budget was 16 billion dollars last year.

Commenting on the British-Iranian women imprisoned in Iran, he said he was not happy to see a single person in prison, but at least she went through the legal process, but "there are people in Europe that are being extradited to the US for violating the sanctions that Europe does not recognize".

Answering a question about the solution for Iran-US tensions, he said, "We do not need to have a deadlock; we do not want to embarrass anybody; … All we want is what we negotiated and should implement it and then we can go even further."

He also said that the Middle East has enough "real problems" and there is no need for "imaginary problems".

Saying that it is "impossible" to get a better deal, Zarif said that all the people who were involved and in the room when negotiations were in progress will tell you that "it is impossible to get a better deal."

"We will continue to sell our oil, but we will not sell our dignity."


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