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EU's Mogherini in Baghdad to save JCPOA

Tehran, July 14, IRNA - This week in a fresh effort to save the JCPOA; an agreement allegedly tied to the dignity and credibility of the Europeans, EU Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini went to Iraq to perhaps find a way to reduce tensions at this area in the turbulent Asia.

The foreign policy chief of the European Union, who is trying to maintain the European Union's last independent stronghold against the devastating invasion of US President Donald Trump, hopes that Iraq would host a regional meeting to reduce tensions in the region, in particular between Iran and the United States.

Although the Iraqi officials did not disclose much of their intention, on the eve of Mogherini's it was announced that they are preparing to hold a regional summit and they expressed the hope that their efforts will not be futile as a result of pressures by the US and regional hardliners.

On Sunday, Mogherini met with Iraqi Foreign Minister Mohammed al-Hakim in Baghdad and concluded that the European Union fully embraced the recently raised Iraqi plan.

Now, the Iraqis, tired of the ongoing crises and wars over past four decades, are worried; as tensions intensify in the region, they become more worried. Iraqis believe that the spark of an unwanted war can also bring Iraq into a new round of devastating unrest and conflict.

Iraq was among the first countries to begin taking the initiative as a mediator and initiator in the beginning of the new American deployment in the region, and to make Washington understand that exacerbation of tensions will drown the region in a swamp of war and bloodshed, and emphasized each time that they will not allow their territory to be used against Iran.

It is in this regard that at the end of his meeting with Mogherini, al-Hakim stated on Sunday that "Iraq should not become a battlefield for the conflict, but should play a constructive role in resolving this crisis, along with other Arab countries, in particular Kuwait and Oman".

Mogherini is well aware of the situation in Iraq. She has come to exploit the opportunities that exist in Iraq so that in the first place, she can prevent any miscalculation between Iranians and Americans.

Not just Mrs Mogherini but all the players in the region know that any miscalculation in the critical situation in the region will not only bring fire to Iraq and other countries in the region, but will also burn with its flames the European Union for years.

At the end of her talks with al-Hakim, Mogherini also said that she had talks and discussions on reducing tensions and creating channels for consultations and co-existence with Iraqi foreign policy chief.

In Baghdad, the diplomat warned all sides against dangerous adventures, however, they were the Americans who rejected the Europeans' efforts, and the mediating efforts by many countries, including Japan, have failed to yield results.

Until now, Trump has responded negatively not only to the demands of the international community to return to the JCPOA and to reduce tensions, even punishing countries that are trying to keep alive the JCPOA, and has closed all the ways out of the crisis.

The imbalance in the US diplomacy since Trump has come to the White House, the efforts aimed at reducing regional tensions by the international community have failed. Exit from treaties, agreements and international accords from the Paris Climate Pact to the JCPOA or launch of Salt missile treaty with Russia has destabilized global security at risk.

Now, before being replaced by her Spanish successor, Mogherini is perhaps trying to resolve a global problem in final days of her presence in the European Union,.


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