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EX-UK official: Europe trying to find a way to implement INSTEX

London, July 12, IRNA - Former foreign secretary of Britain said huge efforts are underway by European countries to find a way for implementing the Instrument in Support of Trade Exchanges (INSTEX).

In an exclusive interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), Jack Straw said: "I know that there is quite frustration in Iran about what it claimed about the lack of focus by the European parts on getting economic relations going but I promise the Iranian people from my point of view of these European countries Germany, France and the United Kingdom has a huge effort to going on to make the INSTEX operational and try to find a way around and these very tough extraterritorial American sanctions.”

Elaborating on Iran’s decision to reduce some of its commitment under the nuclear deal, he said: “I understand why it happens, but I thinks it is a mistake and I think it provide as excuse to Iran’s adversaries and enemies to abandon the JCPOA altogether.”

He also referred to Boris Jonson’s change to take the Prime Minister position, and said, "I don’t want to see him being given unnecessary pressure to move away from his previous position adopted in favor of the JCPOA."

Alluding to recent JCPOA joint commission meeting held in Vienna and its bringing no fruits for Iran, he said: "I haven’t been through the list, but the INSTEX is happening."

He added that "if it had not been happening this is because of the real problems the European faced in the light of the American sanctions against European countries and the European companies are scared about having trade with Iran".

Commenting on escalation of tensions in the Middle East, he said, “It is very serious and my fear goes back to the decision made by president Trump to withdraw from JCPOA which is a very bad idea on every front and he is being encouraged to do that by prime minister Netanyahu although he is losing his majority in Israel and by some elements in Saudi Arabia, but it is not a good idea and is pushing the region in a wrong direction."

Straw noted: “I know that the region is difficult, but they have appeared in the past since the Islamic Revolution when there has been cooperation and understanding across the Persian Gulf and we need to get back to that with new regional architecture to resolve the issue in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and in Yemen.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, Straw referred to some claims as regard Iran missile program as being a concern, saying: “Every country is to provide security for its people which includes defense so the anxiety about Iran is the export of its missile technology to proxies in the region.”

“America got long-range missiles and other countries in the region have missiles, including Saudi Arabia and Israel, for their own defense,” he reiterated.

In response to IRNA reporter’s question regarding recent illegal seizure of the Iranian oil taker in Strait of Gibraltar, he said, "The allegations were because of breach none of Iranian sanctions and Syrian sanctions and all countries are expected to observe the sanction I think in fact the UN sanctions actually so I hope that does not get in the way of the development of the relations."


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