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Europe main reference of Iran's second step

Tehran, July 9, IRNA - Some media and analysts in the West believe that Iran's second step in reducing its commitments in the framework of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is a more serious measure by Tehran that tries to force the international community, especially Europe, to take initiative against the United States and uphold the nuclear deal.

One year after the departure of US President Donald Trump from the multilateral nuclear agreement with Iran, and after the 60-day deadline, Tehran has announced its second step to reduce its nuclear commitments to the world.

The Islamic Republic of Iran officially announced last Monday an increase in enrichment to a level beyond 3.67 percent mentioned in the agreement and the launch of nuclear facility in Arak. These two new steps were measures that Iran took because of the lack of enjoying the benefits of maintaining the JCPOA and European countries’ failure in the face of the White House's maximum pressures.

Many analysts consider the main reference of Iran’s decision the three European countries, Germany, France and Britain that failed to realize the promises and to meet the economic interests of Iran. They did not show a specific action against Trump. The CNN news website reported in an analysis on the increase in the level of enrichment of Iran that Iran violated the 2015 nuclear agreement for the second time. However, the interesting thing is that trends in the Persian Gulf are calm, although severe verbal attacks are underway, but in practice there is no particular change.

Tehran announced its uranium enrichment level to the extent that it needs it. Unlike some predictions that the media and analysts say about the level of enrichment, CNN reported that Iran did not announce any figures for its activities. This step in Tehran was a continuation of the process that Iran had already begun by increasing the stockpile of 300 kilograms of enriched uranium.

According to the analysis of this news network, Iran's second step is different from the initial deadline. In fact, the first step in Iran was more symbolic because it could not do something to make bomb with thousands of kilos of 3.67% uranium and old reactors. That level of enrichment is actually useless, but the uranium level rising beyond that is important.

The news network expressing surprise at the developments, noted "How much time does change." Although Iranian officials have announced vigorously that they will increase the level of enrichment, they did not comment on the fuel needed by Tehran research reactor. The facility needs 20 percent uranium, but the interesting point is that the Americans built it in 1967 at the time of the Shah, and fuel was provided by the country, but the US has now adopted completely different measures.

The above analysis, stating that increasing the level of enrichment means sounding alarm, added that Iran has been pursuing several objectives without announcing a new level of enrichment. Firstly, it showed that it may not respect its commitment in the nuclear deal even slightly. On the other hand, this ambiguity in the domestic, foreign and media arena can be useful. The announcement was also aimed at increasing the pressure on the three European countries to help Iran cope with the US pressure. Donald Trump once again imposed sanctions against Iran after leaving the 2015 nuclear deal. Iran wants to force European countries to create a mechanism through which Tehran can reduce the impact of the Trump’s barriers. However, according to CNN, the likelihood of such a move by Europe is small because European companies are not willing to accept the risk of losing business with the United States due to a deal with Iran and a violation of Washington's sanctions.

It is not unclear to anyone that Iran's intention to declare the second step is to force European countries to take better and quicker action in terms of their commitments. The reason why such an analysis is more logical is that Iran has emphasized that, if the European countries implement their obligations, in particular the 11 actions, then Tehran, while returning to the JCPOA, once again fulfills its provisions as it does in the past.

Common Dreams website also said that Iran considers Donald Trump's sanction measures as economic terrorism, and reaffirms Iran’s recent countermeasures as reversible.

The magazine added Tehran is taking steps to increase the pressure on Europe to adhere to its commitments, noting since Donald Trump broke his commitment to this agreement has imposed severe sanctions against Tehran. Although the US president's move was accompanied by global condemnation and warning of its consequences, so far Iran and Europe have tried to maintain an agreement. However, the increasing sanctions and the maximum pressure of the United States have caused a lot of damage to the Iranian economy.

Experts say, although Europe did not support Trump’s sanctions, and at some junctures even disagreed, Europeans did not come up with much initiative to save the deal and its main pillars.


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