Countries of region must have roadmap for scientific development: Minister

Isfahan, July 9, IRNA - Minister of Science, Research and Technology Mansour Gholami said that the regional countries should be able to make progress in the future in a bid to contribute to the world's scientific development, and for this purpose there should be a roadmap and a serious look ahead.

Speaking on the sidelines of the second day of the fourth meeting of the ECO Foundation's Board of Trustees and the fifth meeting of the Executive Committee of the Foundation at the University of Isfahan, Gholami said on Tuesday, "Future studies (futurology) for the future development of science are one of the major issues to be addressed in the meeting. Technology transfer and planning for the future should be considered."

He stated, "Given the scientific status of the members of this group, especially Iran, Turkey and Pakistan, the most important issue is the further attempt to define scientific, research and technology cooperation and transfer of experience."

The Minister of Science, Research and Technology said that we should apply all the experiences of the countries of the ECO Foundation to reduce dependence on Western and advanced countries.”

"One of our most important debates at this meeting is on environmental issues and the challenges of the environment," the official noted.

Gholami went on to say, "There are good environmental capacities for changing economic issues and inter-regional communications."

He emphasized that the ECO Foundation will work to coordinate scientific activities and promote the development of science and technology between the countries, the Secretariat of which has been placed in Pakistan so far.

Minister of Science, Research and Technology reiterated, "This meeting will focus more on cooperation and coordination between member-states on operational development and effective actions in terms of contributing to scientific and research achievements and the transfer of experiences and the use of researchers, professors and students, and the sharing of scientific achievements of a country. “

The official made the remark, "Countries in the region have a good relationship with each other in terms of economic, cultural, political and historical backgrounds, and these partnerships can be effective for sustainable development in the region."


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