Jul 9, 2019, 8:15 PM
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Trump's "maximum pressure" strategy in limbo

Tehran, July 9, IRNA - The "maximum pressure" approach, as the priority of the foreign policy of US President Donald Trump's government, has failed to succeed in most cases and, according to Western analysts, this policy has faced Iran's resistance or reciprocal actions and yields nothing for the United States.

The policy of "maximum pressure" is one of White House's repeated policies during Trump's presidency, which is used by the White House on various political and non-political issues. While former US President Barack Obama's strategy towards Iran was defined within the framework of the simultaneous use of the interaction and pressure approach, Trump pursues removing Washington's challenges with Tehran only via maximum pressure without giving any concession and resolving at once all differences between the two countries.

In this regard, the reform of the JCPOA was the first announcement by the President of the United States that, after the failure of the White House's initial requests from Tehran, the gradual increase in sanctions against Iran, and then the withdrawal from the JCPOA and sanctioning all the vital parts of the government from the IRGC to the oil industry and even the office of Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei were implemented.

Proponents of the maximum pressure policy in the Trump government believe that such a strategy will eventually force Tehran to surrender due to the economic and political costs on the targeted state, including Iran, and will lead the country to re-negotiate in areas of interest for Washington and even issues rather than the nuclear issue.

But as Richard Nephew, the chief designer of the sanctions regime against Iran and a US State Department official during the Barack Obama era, predicted a while ago that the Trump government’ pressures has not led Iran to withdraw from its demands (implementation of the JCPOA and lifting of sanctions) instead, Tehran crossed one of the first US redlines in the field of nuclear activities.

Declaring that Iran at the first step is not fulfilling part of its commitments within the framework of the JCPOA was in fact the response of the "no" to the maximum pressure of the White House, which, according to Nephew, has limited the options of Trump to show reaction to Iran. On the other hand, the policies of the US president did not leave much room for the White House to put pressure on Tehran, because the Trump government used almost all of its leverage to curtail Iran.

According to prediction of the former US official, the only consequence of this policy is increasing the speed of Iran's countermeasures. All these developments take place while this tactic of Trump has achieved nothing but a loss against Iran.

The Project Syndicate website, in a report written by the former head of the German diplomacy, Joschka Fischer noted, “As the Trump administration spins its wheels over Iran, the world is reminded of why the Obama administration and the Europeans went to such extremes to develop a new approach to dealing with the country. By resuscitating a failed strategy, Trump and his advisers are risking yet another catastrophic war in the Middle East.”

"One can only guess what US President Donald Trump hopes to achieve in Iran. Does he have designs on a “better” nuclear treaty than the 2015 deal from which he withdrew the United States? Are he and his advisers assuming that if they pile up enough demands, the regime will be forced to submit, or even abdicate? Or are they setting the stage for an attempt at regime change through military force?”, the former diplomat reiterated. In all likelihood, they themselves have no idea. That may be just as well, because none of the above is going to happen.”

The Washington Post, however, turned eye to the defeat of Trump's policies, and stated in a report that Trump's demand for zeroing Iran's ability to enrich Iran is a dream. Because as experts believe in this newspaper, preventing Iran from enriching at every level is a fictitious demand that the only function of that destruction would be the prospect of any agreement, because this is an impossible dream.

Analysts have evaluated the maximum pressure policies, that the White House has taken more than the past in Trump era, have led to failure or little achievement in almost all countries.


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