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Threat, weapon of choice for Trump: Pakistan daily

Islamabad, July 9, IRNA -- A leading Pakistani English news daily says a deeper study of US President Donald Trump's mind and follow-up action suggests that the threat, and not action, is his weapon of choice.

Daily ‘Business Recorder’ in its editorial comments on Tuesday said Trump is just threatening Iran but actually has no intention to start a new conflict in the region.

“He (Trump) flashes the sword but doesn't strike,” it said.

The paper added under the nuclear deal, Iran was allowed to enrich uranium up to 3.67 percent concentration and to stockpile no more than 300 kilograms of the enriched material and to operate no more than 5,060 centrifuges.

The paper noted another part of the deal required Iran to accumulate no more than 130 tonnes of heavy water and also redesign its heavy-water reactor at Arak.

The editorial added Iran was in full compliance with the deal, which was periodically certified by the United Nations nuclear watchdog IAEA.

“But other signatories, particularly the United States, were falling behind on their commitment to lift sanctions, as much under American pressure as influenced by their relations with other regional powers,” it said.  

It said untill the 2016 deal was alive and Iran had stuck to its commitments until Donald Trump arrived at the scene.

“He withdrew from the nuclear deal last year, and also warned other signatories - China, France, Germany, Russia and the United Kingdom - against buying oil from Iran,” it said.

The editorial said so far there is no indication whatsoever that Iran wants to be a nuclear-weapon state.

“President Trump would be grossly mistaken if he believes that economic sanctions against Iran would trigger a movement for government change in Tehran,” the paper viewed.

It said as to how Pakistan should react to President Trump's love-hate tentacles the former ambassador to the United States, Ashraf Jehangir Qazi, has a word of advice for Prime Minister Imran Khan who visits Washington later this month.

“He should tell his host that Pakistan knows its responsibilities as a nuclear weapons power and the US should deal with it on a non-discriminatory basis, which it has not,” said the paper.


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