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Ex-US Defense Sec criticizes Trump's policies toward Iran

Tehran, July 8, IRNA – Ashton Carter, former US secretary of defense from 2015-2017 criticized President Donald Trump approach toward Iran in an interview with the public radio saying that he should not use the Army for his political agenda.

"I don't think our country … wants a war", said Ashton Carter, speaking to the Public Radio International (PRI) on Friday, and added that President Trump has also said that.

The author of Inside the Five-Sided Box: Lessons from a Lifetime of Leadership in the Pentagon (2019) said, "One of the jobs is to protect the institution, [i.e. the Army] from politicization."

"When I was in office, 10 sailors who mistakenly sailed into Iranian waters were detained and that was immediate — I mean, I was alerting forces, we had airplanes in the air, and we take that real seriously when our people are detained. Fortunately, the Iranians released them very quickly. But if that were to happen today with all this tension, that kind of thing that crosses a line ... that's where you get an unintentional conflict in an atmosphere of tenseness."

Regarding the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, signed by Iran and the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council plus Germany in 2015, he said, "Well, first of all, it was a purely nuclear agreement. … That wouldn't have led me to recommend to the president to throw it out."

He said that the agreement was effective though the US withdrew from it.

According to the 2015 agreement, Iran limited some of its nuclear activities to enjoy the economic benefits of the deal.

But the US withdrew from the internationally-accepted and the UNSC-approved deal in May 2018 and announced that it will try to bring Iran's oil sale to zero.

Iran wanted the Europeans to be committed to their signature and make some moves to provide Iran with the interests and benefits as per the provisions of the JCPOA. But after a year, Europe has not been able to fulfill its promises made in the deal.

On, May 8, 2019, exactly one year after the US pulled out of the deal, Iran announced that it will reduce its commitments to the deal in two months, a move which is totally legal and according to Articles 26 and 36 of the deal unless Europe made some decisions and moves to satisfy Iran.

Because the they made no significant moves, Iran kicked off the second phase of the reducing of commitments on Sunday and surpassed the %3.67 enrichment limit.


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