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Significance of mental relaxation for foreign tourists arriving in Iran

Tehran, July 2, IRNA- The Deputy Head of Iran's Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization described tourism as a trans-organization and a suitable place for alternative revenues for oil revenues, and emphasized that all institutions must contribute in creating the mental relaxation of the tourists entering the country.

In an interview with IRNA, Valiollah Teymouri referred to the importance of peace of mind for tourists in the world and said that officials should strive for eliminating media machination of some enemies against the Islamic Republic of Iran in order to the foreign tourists choose Iran as their travel destination with the comfort.

He said that the relevant institutions, by transmitting the message of the safe, comfortable environment and the ordinary life of people in the country to the world, can make a significant contribution to the development and injecting foreign exchange in favor of the country with the arrival of tourists.

Teymouri also pointed to tourism destinations in the region and our country's neighborhood and noted,” tourism is a trans-organization issue and everyone should help facilitate the process of traveling from getting a visa in the embassy to the customs clearance, taxi driver, hotel manager, guide, the treatment of the local people and the host community for the tourist to enter the country and to return his home country with satisfaction.

Referring to the cruel US sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran, he emphasized, "In the current situation, the easiest and best possible route for injecting forex to the country is the tourism sector, which there is a lot of capacities in this area.

"If the oil-based economy is considered with the sale of oil, there is a concern as to how to bring back the currency from the sale to the country, while the tourist brings the forex with his arrival”, the official noted.

The deputy director of tourism at the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization made the remark that "Every tourist will bring the currency as soon as it arrives in Iran, and this area will be a good source of income in the context of sanctions and post-sanction era."

He said that the tourism industry was the cleanest and most economical way to inject forex in the country and went on to say, "Despite the unilateral withdrawal of the United States from the nuclear deal and increase of sanctions, threats and challenges for the country, with effective policies in 2018 we were able to reach a growth of 52% by the arrival of the 7 Millions and 800,000 tourists in contrast to 2017.

Teymouri added, “By checking on the arrival of any tourist to the country, an average of $ 1,357 would be the income earned by the country. “

The deputy director of tourism at the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization said, "The policy of the organization was to focus on the other markets as soon as the tourist dropped off from one part of the world to Iran, especially tourists from Western Europe.


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