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Iranian resistance to US hegemony, symbolic to renounce cruelty: Envoy

Islamabad, July 2, IRNA -- Ambassador of Iran to Pakistan says resistance of the Islamic Republic to the US hegemony has become a symbol and source of inspiration in the world against cruel and arrogant behavior.

Mehdi Honardoost in an article published in Pakistani media said 40 years of resistance and sustainability of the people of Iran to political and economic pressures has converted to a symbol of invincibility against totalitarians and inspiration for freedom-loving nations of the world, which is interpreted by imperialist powers as potential threat and in some places as existing threat.

He said after recent escalations emanated from downing of an aggressor US drone in the airspace of the Islamic republic of Iran, we have witnessed severity of the allegations and uttering words and phrases away from the international norms and regulations by the US and further increase in the economic pressures and sanctions.

“It is very clear that real root cause of such imperialistic behaviors, economic pressures and efforts by US to impose sanctions, is Islamic ideological beliefs and approach against oppression and support of the oppressed and independence from big powers and in short opposition to US domination, supremacy and hegemony,” he said.

The ambassador added by reviewing contemporary history and even by putting aside very bitter memories of interventions and security, political and military presence of US in the internal affairs of Iran before the Islamic Revolution and direct role of the US in developments and social activities and passions and suppression of freedom movements of Iranian nation.

He said there overall and pivotal foreign policy guidelines of the Islamic Republic of Iran during last four decades include declaration and implementation of independent policy and not entering in to power blocks since victory of Islamic Revolution of Iran.

-              Fight against all types of the menaces of terrorism and terrorist groups, which are instrumental in advancing the policies of big powers.

-              Opposition to illegitimate Zionist regime and full support to the oppressed people of Palestine.

-              Confrontation and fight against terrorist groups like Daesh and others in Middle East and other Islamic countries.

-              Vast efforts for convergence and regional unity by underscoring necessity to keep the big powers away from the region and regional affairs.

-              Opposition to influence and military presence of trans-regional powers in the regional countries.

-              Significant achievement of the Islamic Republic of Iran in various fields of science and technology, which has been monopolized by some western countries since long.

-              Strengthening of anti-imperialistic approach and its dissemination in the world public opinion and concerns of satanic powers about growing of the Islamic Republic of Iran as a successful model of Islamic and popular governance.

Mehdi Honardoost went on to say that resistance of the Islamic Republic of Iran has become a symbol and source of inspiration in the world against cruel and stubborn behaviors.

The diplomat said Islamic Republic of Iran has always stood against double standards and discriminatory behaviors in the international level.

“For example, with acceptance of non-resort and equipping of nuclear weapons has proposed establishment of a Nuclear Weapon-Free Zone, so that some countries of region like Zionist regime by having these weapons cannot become as element and factor of threat for others,” said the ambassador.

He said moreover Islamic Republic of Iran has always been harbinger of peace and convergence in the region and recently has proposed regional dialogue in order to consolidate peace and security and durable stability in Persian Gulf region, which is a good opportunity for pacifying the stressful situation of the region.

“But unfortunately, this proposal has not got an appropriate response, which is mostly due to lack of understanding of the facts and requirements of the region by the regional states,” he said.

Mehdi Honardoost said Islamic Republic of Iran despite paying the entire price in terms of the loss of lives and property will remain committed with strong resolve to unchangeable foreign policy principle of resistance against oppression and defense of the Islamic countries against expansionist approach of the enemies of Islam.

“Naturally, in return, has to face increasing pressures including totally baseless allegations, negative propaganda and cruel sanctions,” he said.


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