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Iranians not to bow to US hegemony: Envoy

Islamabad, June 30, IRNA -- Ambassador of Iran to Pakistan says the Islamic Republic of Iran is a peace-loving country, but would not bow down to American hegemony.

Speaking at a televised program themed 'Diplomatic Enclave’ at PTV world channel, Ambassador Mehdi Honardoost said the Iranian nation stands united against the American influence in the region.

"Iran is a peace-loving country, but we cannot kneel down to Americans," the envoy said. He added that people of Iran will not accept the American hegemony.

Expressing his views, the diplomat said there are lot of commonalities between Iran and Pakistan and there are many places in Pakistan which are like Iran and there are many places in Iran like Pakistan, especially the eastern part of Iran. 

The ambassador said that he is in Pakistan for more than three years and during his stay in the country he has been trying his best to strengthen ties between the two states in all areas. He praised the hospitality of Pakistani nation towards the Iranian nation.

Honardoost said that the economies of the two countries complement each other.

He said despite lack of banking channel, trade between Iran and Pakistan is increasing. The Iranian ambassador said that both countries enjoy good ties in all areas, but "we have to take more steps in this regard. "People of the two countries deserve better business relations," noted the envoy.

Ambassador Honardoost said Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline is a very important project which can change the face of the economy of Pakistan. He said the project can create millions of jobs and help Pakistan to cater its energy crisis. “It can bring economic revolution in the country," he noted.

Replying to a question, he said there is no difference between man and woman in Iranian society. "In our foreign ministry and diplomatic field we have many women and some of them are ambassadors and we are so glad about it, even in our embassy we have two ladies,” said the envoy.

He said Iran has emphasized many times that women should have the decisive role in the society, adding that more than 62 percent of the students in the six main universities of Iran are women.

“We believe in gender justice, there are many things in a society which women can do better than men,” said the diplomat. He added that women are very active in Iran.

Expressing his views, the ambassador said Iranians love Pakistani thinker and philosopher Iqbal Lahori and his fame in Iran may be more than Pakistan. “We also want to do a documentary on Iqbal Lahori,” he added. 

He said, "we want to collaborate" with Pakistan in media sector. “Unfortunately immoral dramas and movies are under the access of our youngsters and families, this is cultural invasion,” noted the envoy.

He was of the view ‘we should keep our eyes open this important issue, all Muslim countries are facing the problem of cultural invasion.’

Mehdi Honardoost said Iran has a very good cinema industry and "we have proposed many times the relevant departments in Pakistan that Iran is ready for any agreement for media collaboration with Pakistan".

“We should try to introduce more aspects of arts to the minds of young generation,” said the diplomat.

He said impact of arts, music and some others aspects of the culture improve the quality of the daily life of people. “Unfortunately our youngsters are paying attention to western cultures which has lots of consequences on our societies,” said the Iranian envoy.

He said 92 percent of Iranians are educated and more than 15 million of Iranians are students. He added that quality of education in Iran is better than many countries in the world.  “In nano-technology and bio-technology we are better than many European countries,” the envoy said.

Ambassador Honardoost to a question said "we are currently in full-fledged war with Americans and they put lots of unilateral and unjustified sanctions on us". “Iran is not under the sanctions of United Nations, EU or any other international body,” he pointed out.

He went on to say that Iran is a big country we have good trade with many countries of the world like Russia, China, Turkey, Iraq and Pakistan. “I believe that we will soon bypass American pressure on our economy,” said the diplomat.

He added that Americans are trying to interfere in our affairs. He said that one of the reasons for the Islamic Revolution was that the people were against the presence of Americans in our society.

“From the very first day of the Islamic Revolution we cut the ties with Zionist regime and handed over their embassy in Tehran to Palestinians,” he noted.

The ambassador to a question said forces build up by Americans in the Persian Gulf is definitely an act of flexing of muscles. “They know very well about our capabilities, Iranians are united against Americans,” he said.

The diplomat said Iran accepted negotiations with 5+1 and reached an agreement after 10 years of negotiations but Americans walked out of this agreement and destroyed everything. 

He said that IAEA has confirmed many times that Iran is committed the agreement but in return of the agreement we have received nothing that is why we have decided to partially walked out of the agreement. 

“Supreme Leader has already said that we cannot trust the US President and this position is supported by all Iranians,” Honardoost said.

He said unfortunately some countries also have mischief for the flaring up of the tensions in region. The envoy completely rejected the US allegations on Iran for its involvement in some attacks in Persian Gulf.  

He said that we shot the US drone in Iranian waters. “We don’t want a military conflict with Americans, it is against our sagacity,” added the envoy.

The ambassador demanded the Americans to leave the region as the countries of the region are fully capable to protect themselves.

He said Iran is located at a very important strategic location that is why all airlines prefer Iranian airspace while going from east to west.


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