Jun 25, 2019, 8:46 PM
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President: Prudent gov't not sanctioning highest political, religious authority

Tehran, June 25, IRNA - President Hassan Rouhani said that a government with prudence and wisdom does not sanction the highest authority of a country that is not only a political authority, but also a religious, social, spiritual one, and not only the leader of Iran, but the leader of Iran's lovers all over the world, who is the leader of Muslims and Shias of the world.

"The Iranian leader does not belong to Iran alone, there are many Muslims in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Shias and non-Shias who are lovers and obedient to leader of Iran. An official has lost his mind and in a stupid move sanctions such a leader who does not travel to the United States! Rouhani stated on Tuesday at a meeting with officials from the Ministry of Health.

The high-ranking official highlighted that the sanctions on the property of the Supreme Leader is nonsense when the property of the Leader is just a simple house. Our country's leaders, are not like the leaders of the rest of the world, who have billions in their foreign accounts and you want to sanction and block them.”

Rouhani stated, "These cases indicate that our enemy is in abnormal conditions and behavior. These actions raise the morale of the people and realize that the enemy is completely out of the rational way.”

 The president added, "Don’t Americans want to negotiate, if they are honest, why do they want to sanction Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif concurrent with the request for negotiation?" So it turns out that they are lying.

The chief executive addressed the US officials, "At least, you would have waited for a while until the world doubts whether you are right or not. At once, with sanctions, you proved not in seeking of negotiations.”

"If you were looking for negotiations that we have always negotiated with you," he said. "Did not Mr.  Zarif negotiate with the Secretary of State, Mr. Tillerson ? Aren’t you negotiating regularly at meetings and in the JCPOA committees? You broke the negotiation yourself, broke the vows, and cancelled your signature, you declared that we had no credit, and the world does not trust us.”

The president made the remark, "Do we negotiate with you in this situation?" Perhaps, in the 40-year history of the Islamic Republic, there has been no record which Iran's foreign minister to speak with the Secretary of State so many times. In the final stages of the JCPOA, the 17 days in Ramadan, we constantly negotiated to reach a conclusion; then we were in favor of negotiation and negotiating and we came to a conclusion. Who broke the negotiation and agreement?

"By now, you said that we are against the Iranian government and we have a good relationship with the Iranian people," Rouhani said.”So why did you sanction the Iranian nation and insulted the whole nation with ugly phrases calling them a terrorist nation. These show that you do not know what you are doing and your path is unclear.

The president reiterated, "Your goal is to bring this great system and the Iranian nation to its knees, but you will end up to stalemate in any way. You have done all wrong against Iran for forty years, you do the right thing now to see what the result will be.”

 He emphasized, “Our nation has resisted well over the past years and the government has begun to reduce its obligations on the issue of the JCPOA, which the Americans are angry with, but why? Did not they say that it was a bad deal, and we are trying to get away from this agreement, so why are you angry and sad.


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