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Iran urges US to avoid military adventurism, stop 'economic terrorism'

New York, June 25, IRNA - Iran’s ambassador to the United Nations urged the US to stop its military adventures and economic terrorism against Tehran.

“The US must end its military adventures and economic terrorism and war against the Iranian nation to ease the tensions in the Persian Gulf,” Iran’s Ambassador to the UN Majid Takht Ravanchi told the press on the sidelines of a closed-door UN Security Council meeting on Iran and the latest events in the region. 

The Iranian envoy was not allowed to take part at the meeting, according to Takht Ravanchi. 

“As a country whose airspace has been violated by two US drones, it was Iran’s right to participate in the Security Council meeting. This is our right under the UN charter. We expressed our readiness and requested to be present at the meeting, however we were deprived of this right,” he protested as he was speaking to the media. 
The UNSC has held a closed-door meeting at the US request following the shooting down of a its drone by Iranian military when it was in the Iranian airspace and waters in the Persian Gulf last week. 

“We have provided irrefutable evidence about the incident for the UNSC. Under our credible details and exact technical information about the route, location and the point of entry and impact of this American drone, there is no doubt that it was flying over the Iranian territorial waters when it was targeted,” he added, showing several photos with coordinates and routes of the drone.

He defended Iran’s shooting down of the unmanned aerial vehicle “based on international laws”. “According to article 51 of the UN charter, Iran acted in its defense. The drone was shot down after ignoring several radio warnings from the Iranian military,” the envoy said. 

Majid Takht Ravanchi, who has recently been appointed as the Iranian permanent representative to the UN, stressed that another US spy drone, with 35 people on board, violated the Iranian airspace on the same day that the drone was shot down.

“The Iranian military force exercised maximum restraint and didn’t take any action against that intruding aircraft,” he stressed. 

US President Donald Trump thanked Iran for not attacking that airplane. 
The Iranian ambassador to the UN also recalled another violation of its airspace by the US. 

“Less than a month ago, another US drone entered the Iranian airspace on May 26, 2019,” he said, noting that Iran has always complained to the Swiss Embassy, that represents the US interests in Iran, for such “provocative moves”.

He criticized the UNSC closed-door meeting that didn’t allow Iran to be present, saying “the Security Council saw the US unilateral justification. The US is using its permanent position at the UNSC to deceive the member states in a bid to move forward its long-standing anti-Iranian policies”. 

Takht Ravanchi reiterated that Iran doesn’t seek war or an escalation of tensions in the Persian Gulf. “On the contrary, the Iranian moves show that while Iran is entitled to its inalienable right of defending its territorial integrity and using all the necessary capabilities to take firms decisions in this regard, neither it wants war nor seeks escalation of tensions in the Persian Gulf”.  

The Iranian diplomat warned against “dangerous actions of a special circle inside and outside the region” to stoke tensions in a bid to “justify American and western arms sales to certain countries that are involved in committing the most horrible crimes in Yemen”.

Saudi Arabia led a coalition of some Arab and North African states against Yemen five years ago. Riyadh has bought billions of dollars in arms from the US and some European countries since then. 

Takht Ravanchi also questioned the US accusations about Iran’s role in attacking several oil tankers in the region. “The US baseless claim was not supported even by some its closest allies,” he stressed. 

He strongly dismissed the US claim, calling it “absurd”. “How could Iran benefit from attacking the tanker that was destined for Japan when at the same time the Japanese PM was meeting the highest Iranian official in his historic visit to Iran?” he asked rhetorically. 

The US imposed sanctions on the Iranian Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei on Monday. “Today’s decision by the US to impose more sanctions against Iran is another sign that the US doesn’t respect international laws or the majority views of the international community,” he reiterated. 

Takht Ravanchi stressed the “need for real regional negotiations on security issues”, saying “Iran is ready for such talks as announced earlier as well”. 


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