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Coexistence is Islam's message to modern society: Iranian Scholar
peaceful coexistence

Tehran, June 26, IRNA – Islam's message to the modern society is coexistence, rationality, peaceful life, moderation, understanding, which are pre-requites for settlement of disputes in the Muslim World, Iranian lawyer and university teacher Heidar Ali Bagherian said.

An international conference on Islam and peaceful coexistence titled “Strategic Capacity of Islamic Teachings for Achieving Peaceful Coexistence”, is organized at the University of Tehran is underway in Tehran.

The University of Tehran’s Faculty of Theology and Islamic Studies hosts the event.

‘Foundations, principles and status of peaceful coexistence in Islamic teachings', ‘manifestations of peaceful coexistence in Islamic history, culture and civilization’, ‘challenges on the way of achieving peaceful coexistence’, and ‘strategies and ways for achieving peaceful coexistence’ are the main themes to be discussed at the conference.

Heidar Ali Bagherian told IRNA in an interview: Based on the rational and traditional evidence that was presented, we realize that in order to reach peaceful coexistence we need to change our view and emphasize humanity, not racial, regional, or religious affiliations. We must admit that all humans are honorable.

He said: If a person is guilty of a crime, he must be punished regardless of whether he is a Shiite, a Sunni, or a Christian; otherwise, there is no reason to persecute or exclude him. This can be verified on the basis of rational arguments and the teachings of our religion. The necessities of the world today also lead us not only to thinking about peaceful coexistence and interaction in theory but also to putting it seriously into practice.

He added: Despite the fact that the Islamic world is in an important strategic position, the Middle East, which includes an important part of the Islamic world, has very high capacities (in terms of financial, material, energy, and strategic points), Unfortunately, despite all the advantages of the region, due to the challenges we face (partly imposed outside the Islamic world), we can not use these forces and resources.

"These items, have caused the Islamic world to engage in chronic pains, which are largely due to their own thoughts and actions, and much of it is due to the problems imposed by its supranational powers," he said.

Bagherian said: Issues that promote these eclectic thoughts are some of the resources available to religious centers and religious areas in the Muslim world, and today it is the duty of novices and religious scholars to take action to correct them, and the existence of these narratives in Islamic sources is the source of problems.

"ISIS and Takfiri and extremism come from these places, reforming the foundations and clearing this thought, the narratives that are the mainstay of the overseas flows, are the requirements of solving this problem," he said.

This lawyer and University scholar added: According to Quranic doctrine, social interaction, mutual respect, tolerance, harmony, understanding, friendship and daily life engagement have number one priority between various races society and none of peace and war is not the objective of Islam, rather both of them are in direction of invitation and publicity and are considered as instruments.

Heidar Ali Bagherian said that Justice is another Quranic doctrine which Islam has been established on it and it runs in all Islam’s precepts. The same as doing justice with non-Muslims is desirable for Allah, doing justice with non-Muslims is the duty of an Islamic ruler and all Muslims and according to the Quranic doctrine, it is obligatory to keep every kind of contract and promise, either personal or as group, either among Muslims or with non-Muslims, either one who concluded that contract makes a profit or sustains a loss.

 This Lawyer and  University scholar added: Islam is a religion of moderation, and our Prophet was not a prophet but for the promotion of the ethics of human society, Islam, we have heard from the Prophet, Islam is rationality and Islam, which can be the basis of the unity and movement of society. Except for all that is promoted and promoted, it makes society a few tears, not Islam, but ideas that perceive itself as belonging to Islam or imposed on the Islamic society, and so is hell, religion, moderation, rationality, coexistence, and morality. 


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