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US illegal presence in Syria should end: Syrian MP

Beirut, June 22, IRNA – The US has decided to use its presence in Syria as a play card against Damascus conditioning its own exit to Iran's; they should give up such a dream of hallucination, a member of People's Council of Syria told IRNA on Saturday.

"The US intends to pressure Damascus and the resistance movement to make them cut their relations with Iran as friendly country," said Suhayl Abdullah, regarding US invasion of Syria that is due to the Zionist regime and some Arab states of the Persian Gulf.

"This is while Iranian military is not present in Syria, and Iran's presence had been at invitation of the Syrian government, unlike the US."

"Unfortunately, some Syrian Kurds believe that the purpose of US presence in northern Syria is to support them, but the US will soon sell them."

Regarding the Syrian refugees, Abdullah said, "Syrian government is ready to welcome the refugees to come home, but since 2011, the Western governments have been trying to pit them against the government. That is the case for those living in Lebanon; some Lebanese parties are against Syria and the resistance movement."

He added that the US prevents the refugees residing at Rukban camp from returning to their homes in order to propagate the false idea that Syria is unsafe and justify its illegal military presence that is against all international laws.

Commenting about the alleged chemical attack by the Syrian government, he said that all the accusations are baseless and that the unfounded accusation over the chemical attack is crystal clear to the entire world.

"These allegations are among the West's tools for political and media propaganda to mislead the public opinion and tarnish the image of the Syrian Government and distort the reality in a way that the Syrian Government that fought terrorism to defend its people as if it were the Syrian government encouraged terrorism against its own people."

Abdullah said that Israel attacks Syria on and off to destroy its infrastructure; they think they can weaken the Syrian Army this way, especially when Damascus is busy fighting terrorism.

Fighting and annihilating terrorism is actually cutting the hands of the Zionist enemy, because all the groups that fight Syria are Tel Aviv's hands, after cutting the hands, it will come the turn of the body, he said.  

He added that national reconciliation should soon take place; at that point, those who went wrong way will realize that they have been the tools in the hands of the enemy.

About the US suggestion to Iran for negotiations, he said that the US has already violated the Iran Deal, the Russian nuclear missile deal, and the trade deal with China, so the US understands no language but the language of power, which was well-understood by Iran after the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

"Iran Has changed into a powerful country, and stood by the resistance movement, that’s why the US retreated from its threats."

He said that the Deal of the Century is a delusion developed by US President Donald Trump and some Arab States of the Persian Gulf, which will fail due to the resistance of Palestinians.  


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