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Trump’s confused Iran policy undermining US credibility: Pak analyst

Islamabad, June 20, IRNA – A Pakistani analyst says Trump’s aggressive and confused policy towards Iran undermines the credibility of the US government in the world.

Hammad Sarfraz in his article published in ‘Express Tribune’ said global suspicion and confusion about Donald Trump’s Iran policy is growing.

He said it’s been a full year since US President Trump walked out of JCPOA but in the last few days tensions between the two countries have escalated. Iran says US waged full-scale economic war against a sovereign government in total disregard of the United Nations Charter.

However, neither Tehran nor Washington wants conflict at this point, but the possibility of miscalculating the other side’s intentions can trigger one.

The analyst said the US administration started with tough war rhetoric, followed by crippling sanctions and then the maximum pressure tactic was combined with a broad diplomatic opening where Trump was willing to talk to the Iranians.

“All of this tells us one thing; if the pressure is obvious, its motive is not clear and the constant shift in policy undermines the credibility of the US government’s allegations against Iran,” he said.

“In the accelerating drive to confront Iran, it seems that hawks like National Security Adviser John Bolton are willing to ignore the lessons from the 2003 misadventure in Iraq which,” said the analyst.

He said that Trump administration has imposed draconian financial sanctions against Iran.

The analyst said Iranians could wait out the unpredictable Donald Trump, who many believe might be a one-term president or react to his ambivalent policies.

Hammad Sarfraz was of the view that any conflict in Middle East would be disastrous for the region and the attire globe.


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