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American’ violence paralyzed against Iran's prudence

Tehran, June 19, IRNA - The US growing attempt to create economic and political pressures on Iran have led to a rift amomg members of the western camp, and on the other hand, has caused the warmongers in Trump's cabinet to face doubt and change in positions on daily basis.

Suspected incidents for oil tankers in the Persian Gulf and contradictory scenarios by the United States and its regional allies and puppets with the intention of undermining Iran's rational image in the face of the international community following the unilateral withdrawal of Washington from the nuclear deal that led to the White House's boss isolation and his government vis-à-vis European and other friends in politics, have forced  the "B Team" that has contributed to the breakdown of Washington's foreign policy to make new plot for more mobility for escalation of tensions against Iran and Iranophobia.

The only achievement of the failed policy of intimidating and repeating nuclear threats and interfering in affairs of other was to make Iran as pretext to sell weapons by the Americans and they rely on fake documents to force some European countries to accompany in blaming Tehran for causing recent incidents in transit of oil.

However, the deception of American statesmen who allegedly showed fake documents was not believable for their friends.

As Nathalie Tocchi, the special adviser to Federica Mogherini, the chief of EU foreign policy, sees the US accountable for exacerbating tension between Iran and the West.

"This has happened for a reason that has not been mentioned so far," she told the British radio network, "the fact that the United States has violated the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action or nuclear deal."

Tocchi pointed to this issue amid intensifying tensions between the United States and Iran due to an attack on foreign oil tankers in the Oman Sea, adding that "there is still no credible evidence of what really happened and who did it.”

In response to the question of whether the US decision to unilaterally withdraw from the nuclear deal justifies Iran's action against oil tankers, she said, “If a party is simmering tension here the side means the US, it is reasonable to expect the opposing party to take retaliatory measures, of course, I do not want to justify or ignore this action.”

Mogherini's advisor reminded that although Iran and the United States do not really want a war, this cycle of tension and retaliation may lead to a casual conflict.

Tocchi responded negatively to the sending of European forces to the Middle East upon request from the US, saying, "I think that the role of Europe really must be an effort to eliminate this defective cycle, so I do not think that is what we have to do.”

Iran's ambassador to the United Kingdom, in an interview with the Russia Today network, referred to unity among the Iranian nation, the government and the armed forces as the main tool to resist American hostile policies, and added that Iran relied on its national capacities.

"Our people are determined to be independent and our armed forces are powerful enough to defend the country," Hamid Baeedi Nejad said.

He explained that there is a consensus among the various strata of the people, the government and the armed forces, and Iran is ready to deal with any possibility. This is the only element that we can rely on and resist American policies.

The Iranian ambassador to London went on to say, “The fact is that international standards, as they should, are not implemented, and therefore cannot rely on the support by international organizations that have been established to protect countries from domination of great powers.”

Baeedi Nejad insisted that "we should have power, but we do not rely on nuclear weapons. We do not consider nuclear weapons as a means to defend the country. From our point of view, we have to be economically a strong system and have a united position."

The Iranian ambassador to Britain also reminded, “It's time to have a strong coalition between the political force in order to resist against the US policies and defend ourselves best."

"We hope that those who are in Washington will be careful not to ignore the will of Iran," he said in an interview with CNN. “If they make mistakes, they will be very sorry for it because our government and our people are fully prepared alongside the armed forces.”

According to many observers, the repeated acknowledgment by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) of Iran's full compliance and the US’ decision to break its promise in this area and the inability of the remaining members to implement it and to meet the legitimate demands of Tehran in accordance with this international agreement , this privilege is reserved for Iran to reduce its obligations to achieve its goals in accordance with the essence of the JCPOA.


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