Jun 18, 2019, 2:30 PM
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Rouhani: Iranians to overcome enemies challenges

Tehran, June 18, IRNA – Iran's President Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday that Iranians will overcome the challenge created by the enemies targeting the hopes and resolve of a nation.

The president said, under the current sensitive circumstances, , the enemies are trying to insinuate that Iran's progress has stopped in a bid to disappoint people about their future.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of a new terminal at the international Imam Khomeini airport in Tehran, he added, "Despite all pressures by the enemies, we see new waves of economic and social development in Iran."

Salam Terminal-Gallery will begin handling a part of foreign flights in mid July.

"We are not in war with any nation, rather we are confronting a handful of inexperienced politicians," Rouhani said.

The US hostility is against every individual Iranian, the president said, adding that the US will certainly lose in the war of resolve with Iranians.

"The US has breached all international laws in the hostility against Iranians," the president said, adding that the government ordered hundreds of passenger planes to promote welfare of Iranian people.

He emphasized that Iran has given priority to tourism in national economy, saying that the best way for developing the industry is using the full potentials of aerospace sector.

Many efforts have been made with regard to maritime paths and ports over the past several years that have prepared the ground for linking Iran to other countries through the sea, according to the president.

Economic capability is a part of national power and transit sector is an element of economic power, he said.

In the near future, many countries will be linked to each other through Iran's railway and Chabahar port, and the connection cannot be destroyed, Rouhani said.

"Today, Chabahar port means 'constructive interaction with the world'," the president added.

"The fact that the eastern and northern Europe, CIS and Caucasus, plus Afghanistan and other neighboring countries use Iran's transit path to get access to the southern Iranian ports indicate that Iran is economically powerful," he said.

"Transit and tourism are two geographic blessings for Iran," Rouhani added.

"We are connected to the international waters in south and have some 2,000 kilometers of coastal borders, as well as having the Caspian Sea in the North, with appropriate geographic space for optic fibers, aerial and railway corridors," the president said adding that Iran should use the advantages to boost its regional position.

"Despite all the attempts made by the Americans in the region to isolate Iran and block the country's relations with the world, they have failed to reach their goals," he said.

"No country in the world can deny Iran's good faith to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and international agreements," the president said.

Referring to the US unilateral withdrawal from the nuclear deal, and breaching its obligations under the deal by re-imposing sanctions on Iran, Rouhani noted that today the entire world considers the US as the country that has acted against humanity and violated its obligations.

The president also predicted that the economy of the country, despite its negative growth last year, will flourish by the end of the Iranian year (on March 21, 2020).


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