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New plot by Trump’s government to undermine INSTEX

Tehran, June 13, IRNA - Washington targeted Iranian-European channel of finance and trade known as INSTEX, and by undermining it as ineffective is willing to force the Islamic Republic of Iran towards its favored direction namely negotiation for the new nuclear deal.

White House officials from Donald Trump to his associates in the cabinet and the State Department are now more explicit than ever repeating their ultimate goal of maximum pressure on the Islamic Republic; reaching a new nuclear deal with Iran.

One of the topics of political satire that the opponents of Trump have put finger on his foreign policy is his withdrawal from the JCPOA and unlimited attempts to bring Iranian officials to the negotiating table.

Trump claims that he wants to come up with a contract that will create a serious obstacle for Iran to acquire nuclear weapons; an agreement with the participation of allies and international monitoring to establish security in the Middle East and the world. Opponents and ardent critics of the US president say that the JCPOA was exactly what Trump talked about, but simply because the nuclear agreement was concluded in the period of ex-president, a lot of spending and efforts were made to exit and collapse the JCPOA, and more efforts are underway for the same version.

Trump, of course, has not abandoned his repetitive positions and groundless claims and said that Iran should behave like a normal government at the regional and international levels, otherwise it should accept the consequences of the economic collapse. Washington's plans have now become clear to everyone, to the point where many have come to this certainty, Iran will be the most desirable country for the Trump to negotiate, even if Iran does not negotiate with the most unreliable government in the White House.

In line with the maximum pressure from the United States government against the Islamic Republic of Iran, we are witnessing the contradictory stances of Trump and his associates towards Iran. The President of the United States has repeatedly spoken about tension with Iran once calling our country and our people as terrorist, and once again speaks of the necessity of economic prosperity and the rise of Iran and Iranians.

The president of the United States has repeatedly threatened and even encouraged, and this, in many respects, means promoting a psychological war on the Islamic Republic of Iran and increasing the pressure to form a negotiation and gaining a new agreement for propaganda and, ultimately, electoral purposes.

The US government has targeted the mechanism of Iran-European trade in its latest move; a mechanism that was signed in February last year in the name of INSTEX in Paris, and the corresponding Iranian institution, entitled "The Mechanism of Finance and Trade between Iran and Europe" Or "STFI" was launched in May this year.

Concurrent with the German Foreign Minister Heiku Maas’ travel to Iran to hold talks with Iranian officials on the JCPOA, the Bloomberg news agency quoted an American official as saying that Trump Treasury Department is planning to impose sanctions on Iran's related entity  because the danger is that, with the expansion of the financial and commercial channels of Iran and Europe, US sanctions would be ineffective, especially since the governments of Russia and the Netherlands last week announced they intend to join and invest in the INSTEX.

The consequences of this move, of course, would be to widen gaps between Europe and the United States, because the Americans argue that the corresponding Iranian institution is under the central bank, which is itself on the list of sanctions, and one of the reasons for sanctioning the central bank is to create a financial network for the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps.

In a recent statement, the US Department of State spokeswoman on Iran and Europe's financial and commercial Channel, Morgan Ortagus stated that the United States has no problem with any system that does not relate to its sanctions, but it does not allow for the exchange of sanctioned goods and communications with sanctioned institutions.

These remarks are made when the German Foreign Minister and before him many European officials have said that Europe will use all its efforts to sustain the launch of the INSTEX. Of course, the German minister in Tehran has stated that the miracle by Europe could not be expected.

At the same time, the spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry, along with the talks of "Mohammad Javad Zarif" with Maas, and the presence of the German director of INSTEX in Tehran, said that we did not attach much hope for INSTEX.

"Hamid Baeedinejad, Iran's ambassador to London warned that the US’ measure against INSTEX in sanctioning the Iranian financial institution, is practically eliminating this mechanism, and European diplomacy complete fails.

"The hope is that now everyone is convinced that the greatest threat to the region's security and prosperity is the US policy of economic terrorism against Iran," he said.


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