Jun 1, 2019, 5:56 PM
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Trump's failure with hawkish team

Tehran, June 1, IRNA - US President Donald Trump maybe the first president of the United States who failed to regulate political relations within the United States and has had many problems in foreign affairs, such that these days his burn notice official from Tel Aviv to Manama, and also to Saudi Arabia, portrayed him a murky future.

Inside the United States, Trump has gathered a radical team of Bolton, Pompeo, Kushner and other bankrupt politicians affiliated with economic enterprises, the mafia of arms and oil, whose main feature of the team is lying and constantly giving him wrong information.

Even the North Korean leader, who has entered the dialogue and engagement with the United States, these days is constantly complaining about the performance of this team, to the point where he called for the elimination of the hardline members of the negotiating team.

These advisers and affiliated managers with the wealthy world mafia have put Trump in conflict now with a large part of the world; from China to Turkey, from Iran to Venezuela and  North Korea.

But the other wing of the Trump team has been formed by its regional allies in West Asia; those who are constantly beating the drum of war and every day, with supplying misleading information, is forcing the White House president to face a new challenge, while it was necessary that the non-politics oriented and businessman president to gather a team of senior political advisers to guide him. The main question here today is what has been the result of this line-up for Trump until now.

** Investing on burnt notice official of Tel Aviv

One of Trump's miscalculations and wrong strategy in the Middle East has been gambling on Netanyahu so that he put all his eggs in his basket.

Netanyahu has been ceased to form the cabinet on Thursday with the end of the moratorium by the Knesset and is now eying on re-election on September 17. Did not Trump really know on whom he had invested? Netanyahu, as he has big lies in the regional affairs, in his internal dimensions, definitely has lied to Trump and declared himself invincible. Now Netanyahu as one of Trump's Chess pieces is in a difficult situation, which means that the investment of the president of the United States, who is thinking about “The Deal of The Century”, is compromised.

** Failed deal

It can be said that “The Deal of The Century” has already failed. Evidence suggests this; a deal in which a group of Arab leaders intend to decide on a Palestinian nation; those who deceived the Palestinians for nearly 70 years and wasted the time and bought time for the Zionists with irrational and deceiving plans. Now that Trump with announcing his agreement with the transfer of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Beit-ul-Moqaddas and granting the Golan Height to the Israelis is on the brink of striking a final blow, these Arab leaders have prepared themselves to take part in the so-called "The Deal Of The Century", and essentially considered themselves as part of this plan.

A meeting is scheduled to take place in Manama, Bahrain on June 25 and 26, which aims to create an investment ground in the occupied Palestinian.

For the meeting, which even the Zionist regime has been invited by the Americans, the Arab states will certainly participate, but the Palestinian groups that are the main parties to the conflict have already condemned the meeting and declared that They will not participate.

The summit, which is the core of the economic plan for “The Deal of The Century”, seeks to raise money to close the mouth of the Palestinians, but now the Palestinian groups that are considered to be the main cause of the Palestinian crisis have reacted sharply, where even Mahmoud Abbas explicitly stated that he would not attend the summit.

At the same time, there are also developments in Mecca; the Saudi king brought together Arab leaders in the form of three PGCC committees, the Arab League and the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC), in order once again to try his chance to form a new coalition against Iran; a coalition that is supposed to preoccupy the Arabs and Muslims so that “The Deal of The Century” is going forward.

Undoubtedly, Trump will not go anywhere with this team because the team in internal and regional dimensions is a defamed team, the sponsor of terrorism, warmonger and anti human rights and is now destroying the international status of the United States in various fields, while at the same time is in a very difficult situation.


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