Al-Maliki's coalition lashes out at Arab leaders summit for "ignoring Iran's positive role in region"
Former Iraqi PM Nouri al-Maliki

Baghdad, June 1, IRNA - Former Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's coalition lashed out at some Arab leaders for "ignoring Iran's positive role and support for regional issues such as Palestine".

"The statement contained unfortunate positions and a language of intense escalation against Iran," read a statement by al-Maliki’s State of Law Coalition at the Iraqi parliament.

The coalition supported Iraq's position in not accepting the Arab leaders' summit communique, saying  "the coalition expresses its support for the position of Iraq, which rejects the content of the final statement of the emergency summit held in Mecca".

"The statement of the Arab summit ignored the serious challenges facing the Arab peoples, focusing only on Saudi Arabia's right to defend its territory in an attempt to legitimize its military intervention in Yemen, and to give the escalation with the Islamic Republic a regional dimension that leads to a legitimate war against international public opinion," said the document that was issued at the end of an Arab summit in Saudi Arabia in which Iran was the talking point.

“[The Arab leaders stubbornly ignored the role of Iran and its position in support of the Palestinian cause and the issues of the peoples of the region and provided all that they can politically, economically and militarily to support the Palestinian people and its struggling forces," al-Maliki’s coalition said.

"The statement prepared in advance included unfortunate positions, In return for emphasizing the security of Saudi Arabia and the rest of the [Persian] Gulf countries forget the crimes committed by the Saudi forces against the brotherly people of Yemen."

Maliki’s parliamentary coalition went on to harshly criticize the summit, likening it to "the same summits that demanded the strike of Libya and Syria militarily,"

"The shy approach to the Palestinian issue in the decisions of the final statement of the Mecca summit, reflects the fragility of the Arab position, and the extent of surrender to the Zionist entity, the usurper, by diverting the attention of Arabs and Muslims from their holy struggle against the entity of the Israeli aggressor to confront what they call the Iranian threats, and this reflects the size of the Saudi hegemony and the passengers on the Arab decision," read the strong-worded document.

Maliki, a former Iraqi PM, went on to "applaud the position of President Barham Salih and the Iraqi delegation, which has expressed its rejection of any aggression and military escalation against Iran."

Al-Maliki’s communique comes as thousands of people took part in the international Quds Day marches across Iran.


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