Pak politicians, religious leaders urge Muslims to defeat ‘deal of the century’

Islamabad, May 31, IRNA -- Senior Pakistani politicians and religious leaders lauded the sincere contributions of Islamic Republic of Iran towards the cause of Palestine, and said that Muslims have to unite to defeat the controversial ‘deal of the century.’

They said this while speaking at a seminar on Al-Quds organized by Majlis Wahdat-e-Muslimeen Pakistan (MWM) on Wednesday.  

Pakistan Minister for Human Rights Dr. Shireen Mazari speaking as a chief guest on the occasion said Pakistan will continue its support to Palestinian people till realization of their right to self-determination.

“Pakistan has a longstanding commitment with Palestine and it will never recognize Israel," she vowed.

The minister said people Palestine have been fighting for their rights against occupiers since long and facing brutalities in their struggle.

Dr Mazari said today, the OIC had diluted its relevancy and significance. "The cause of the formation of OIC was the issue of Al Quds but by becoming Organization of Islamic Cooperation, it has opened its flood gates for the non-Muslim countries in the name of economics and cooperation that is serious violation of the basic concept of OIC." 

She said the OIC had not been effectively supporting the freedom movements in Kashmir and Palestine. 

Dr Shireen Mazari noted that US President Donald Trump has been taking steps which are sheer violation of international laws.

She said US President Donald Trump is in the state of misconception due to his arrogance and military might, and wanted to impose his unilateral approach to threaten Iran, but Trump should learn from the history as Persian Empire existed long before the existence of the United States.

She said the US and Israel are the symbols of tyranny today, which would never be successful in their nefarious designs.

The minister added the US Administration under Trump had destroyed the decade long UN consensus on the issue of Palestine. “The US also unilaterally violated resolutions of the UN on Palestine and by opening its embassy in Jerusalem,” she noted.

“US allowed Israel to have the right to annex all the settlements in Gaza and also to annex the Golan Heights," said the official. 

Dr Shireen Mazari said that Muslims have to shun their difference and unite for the stability and prosperity of Ummah. 

She said that countries like Iran, Pakistan, turkey, Indonesia and Malaysia have to assert themselves and play a central role in the OIC. 

She said that Pakistan would not become part of the Yemen war.  

Secretary General of Majlis Wahdat-e-Muslimeen Pakistan (MWM) Allama Raja Nasir Abbas Jafri said that Zionist Regime is pursuing expansionist designs for its own survival otherwise it would cease to exist. 

He said Imam Khomeini was a great visionary leader who soon after the victory of the Islamic Revolution handed over the control of Israel embassy to the Palestinians and declared last Friday of Ramadan as Al-Quds day. 

He said Trump is basically a property dealer that is why he is trying to sell the land of Palestinians under the controversial deal of the century.

MWM leader was confident that Muslim through their united efforts would fail the deal of the century. He said Zionist Regime is the mother of all problems. 

Former Senator and senior member of Pakistan Peoples Party Farhatullah Babar complimented Iran for keeping the issue of Palestine alive by observing Al-Quds day every year. 

He said that Muslims have to be vigilant as the US President Donald Trump will be announcing the US policy towards Palestine in June. “Trump is not an honest broker thus cannot be relied upon,” the politician added. 

He pointed out that Iran is the only country in the world that is standing by Palestinian people and support their cause.

Farhatullah Babar went on to say that Palestine would be the focus of all issues in the world and needs to be settled.   He said Muslims with their efforts must fail the deal of the century. 

He said in current scenario Pakistan has to be very careful and cannot afford to make a mistake in the international politics.

He strongly believed that Pakistan has to further enhance its ties with Iran in all spheres.  

Senator Syed Muhammad Sabir Shah expressing his views said the problem of Muslims today is that they are divided. He said that that Muslims have to unite to counter Zionist conspiracies against them. 

He regretted that rulers of many Muslim states are pursuing the western anti-Islam agenda against the aspirations of their public.  

He praised founder of the Islamic Revolution Imam Khomeini for reviving the issue of Palestine and declaring last Friday of Ramadan as Al-Quds day.  He said Iran is the only Muslim country in the world that is standing for the rights of oppressed Palestinian people. 

Senator from Balochistan Manzoor Kakar was of the view that Zionist Regime with the support of the US is trying to divide the Muslim world. He added that the US is the real terrorist in the world today. He said that US is the real force behind the division of Muslim states. “We have to unite against a common enemy for our survival,” the Senator stressed. 

Deputy Secretary General of Majlis Wahdat-e-Muslimeen Pakistan (MWM) Syed Nasir Abbas Shirazi said that Zionist Regime after badly losing war in Lebanon conspired to ruin Syria but failed to accomplish its evil designs.  He noted that Zionist Regime with the support of the US and some other states promoted Daesh in the region but again failed miserably. 

He was confident that Zionist Regime is doomed to fail. He added that Pakistan is not part of any block in the world.  


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