Trump’s double standard; repetition of threat, enthusiasm for negotiation

Tehran, Mat 31, IRNA- As tensions have increased between Iran and the United States in recent weeks; US president Donald Trump is simultaneously pursuing the policy of open door for negotiation and maximum pressure vis-a-vis Tehran; a worn-out and ineffective policy, which in the eyes of the senior Iranian officials must change to alleviate the tension.

On May 27, the remarks of Trump, who was in Japan, had a great deal of reflection around the globe; statements that had a particular temperament. "We do not seek to change the regime in Iran," Trump explicitly emphasized, adding, "We are seeking Iran not have a nuclear weapon."

He once again declared his desire to negotiate with Iran and added, "I believe that Iran is willing to negotiate, and if they are willing to negotiate, we also want it.”

The request for talks with Tehran is not a new issue, and Trump has repeatedly expressed his enthusiasm for various podiums. The president of the United States had already emphasized that the White House had provided the Swiss Embassy with a number to call so that Iran could contact the President of the United States if it wished.

Prior to that, he had emphasized to the reporters, "I would like Iranians to contact me and I hope that this will happen. As noted, Trump's tendency to negotiate with Iran was not a new issue, but that part of his speech that referred to Iran's lack of access to nuclear weapons was placed under radar."

A timely response was made by the Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, who immediately denied Iran's charge of obtaining a nuclear weapon on a tweet, and wrote that "Ayatollah Khamenei, long before by issuing a fatwa announced we are not looking for a nuclear weapon."

Zarif also mentioned" Team B "in his Twitter statement and its impact on the behavior of Trump and wrote that" the economic terrorism of the Team B is damaging the Iranian people and creating tension in the region. Donald Trump's actions not word will show whether his goal is the same! "

The Iranian FM was referring to Trump’s National Security Advisor, John Bolton, is Crown Prince bin Salman," bin Zayed of UAE, and the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whose influence on the president of  the United States is evident to everyone.

A significant part of the US' maximum pressure on Tehran is the result of the provocation by the team; the provocations that triggered Trump eventually departed from Iranian nuclear despite three times announcement of adherence to it.

The resumption of the economic and secondary sanctions were other White House anti-Iran measures that are related to the team from the perspective of Iran.

The next step of Trump team was to enlist the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps in the list of terrorist organizations to justify the widespread presence of US weapons in the Persian Gulf and the Middle East, which Americans claim are there to prevent Iran's sabotage.

The deployment of the USS Abraham Lincoln air craft carrier to the Persian Gulf and the deployment of the Patriot system and four B-51 bombers in the region have been among the most threatening measures by the United States in recent weeks. Meanwhile, US officials have just announced that 1,500 troops have been deployed to the Middle East.

The White House always uses its economic, political and military leverage to meet its demands in its foreign relations. To make Tehran sit behind the negotiating table, we are witnessing the use of the different leverage by team of Trump, a policy that has not yield any result at least.

Officials of the Islamic Republic have repeatedly stated in their positions that should talk with Iran with respect, not by sanction and threat. In the same vein, Zarif said in an interview with the CNN television network last week that Iran would not negotiate under pressure and will not surrender to threats, "You cannot threaten Iran and expect it to engage with you."


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