May 28, 2019, 1:29 PM
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US policies in ME based on arms trade: American Journalist

New York, May 28, IRNA – An American Journalist says all US moves in the Middle East are based on the interests of arms manufacturers and their political-financial relations with officials in Washington.

Speaking to Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) on Tuesday, Norman Solomon said that military lobbies and arms manufacturing plays a major role in militarizing the US political structure.

Practically, most of the congresspeople from both parties need the approval of the military sector and their lobbies for sustaining their seats, he said.

Being previously a Congress candidate, the journalist said that congresspeople are pressure to move in line with the military industry's interests.

The anti-war activists added that the big companies working with the military sector are incessantly trying to secure their profits through their lobbies in ژongress.

Salomon believes that the US defense budget does not have to do with real defense, refusing the term as an exact one.

There are numerous companies in the US that benefit from any military budget increase, he said adding that the situation is damaging all sides as it has caused many Americans as well as people in other nations to die.

In fact, he added, the pressure is so huge that no politician is willing to risk questioning the budget.

Some entities, including companies and individuals, are seeking their interest and profits in killing people while ordinary Americans do not benefit from such a military trade, Solomon said.

To the contrary, the militarization has had various negative consequences for American people as huge resources are wasted and the violent and aggressive culture is promoted, he warned.

The best policy for the US citizens is that Washington ends its military intervention in Iraq and other parts of the world, according to the activist.


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