May 28, 2019, 11:14 AM
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US unwavering support for Zionist regime destabilizing ME

Islamabad, May 28, IRNA -- A Pakistani analyst says the US unwavering support for the Zionist regime is destabilizing the entire Middle Eastern region.

Mashhood Hassan Azam Awan in his article published in ‘Daily Times’ said that in pursuit of its strategic interests, the US has always been willing to cause disaster around the world.

He said the United States under President Donald Trump appears adamant to act like the sole stalwart it once was despite the fact and the awareness that the world is no longer unipolar.

The analyst added China and Russia have emerged strong in today’s world.
Azam Awan went on to say that there is speculation that after its disgraceful withdrawal from Afghanistan and the lack of a decisive victory in Syria, the US is going to attack Iran.

He added that the ‘US-led military coalition has been defeated in Afghanistan. Has the US learnt anything from it? Nobody knows for sure what is in store for the US in the aftermath of withdrawal from Afghanistan.’
Azam Awan expressing his views said it appears that the withdrawal is inevitable, whether it will be honorable is still indefinite.
“Its close engagement with Zionist regime is one of the reasons for US problems in the Middle East,” he said. He noted the US also faces an image problem around the globe.

He said Syria and Iran are currently the only two countries seen as a threat to Israel. “The US intervention in Syria has destroyed that country but not resulted in government change it had declared as its objective,” the analyst viewed.
He said US designs for Iraq too have proved to a failure in material respects. “Most significantly, Iraq today appears unwilling to go to war against Iran,” said the expert.

“Iran has so far stood its ground and refused to be dictated,” he said.
The analyst said the US might as well exercise restraint. “But a miscalculation by either side may prove devastating for the world peace in general and for Asia in particular,” said the intellectual.

He said that he strongly believes that the international community must rise to the occasion to defuse the tension.

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