Iranian engineer's extradition to US based on irrational, forged claims

Tehran, May 27, IRNA-France, continues to insist on its negative role vis-a-vis the Islamic Republic and show itself as a puppet in the hands of the United States, as it is even willing to sell political and judicial independence that its proof is an Iranian engineer's extradition to the United States that is contrary to all human rights law and political and diplomatic conventions.

In an questionable move, the French court agreed on extraditing the Iranian engineer Jalal Rouhollah Nejad, in charge of "providing radar equipment for countering drone " to the United States. The US Justice Department has accused this 41-year-old Iranian engineer of violating Iran's sanctions. He was arrested 3 months ago at the request of the United States after arriving at the airport in the city of Nice in southern France and has since been detained.

The US judicial authorities have claimed that Iranian engineer, a fiber-optic expert, has been trying to move industrial microwave and anti-drone systems through the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to Iran. The Iranian lawyer of the accused engineer told the French media that arrest of his client has been done with political motives. Reuters reported that the extradition order of this Iranian citizen must be approved by the French Prime Minister for its implementation. In response to this move, a French civilian drone center, along with knowledge-based companies in the field of aerospace and drone, condemned the French court move to extradite an Iranian engineer to the United States.

** Answers to some questions

The point to be noted here is that if the French move is on behalf of security and serving humanity, then, above all, France must be held accountable for why after several years, it still has not taken any step to punish the perpetrators who transmitted infected blood transfusion to Iran? Why do the outlawed Mujahideen Khalq Organization (MKO), also known as Munafeqin, work freely in France and hold meetings? How does it claim to act for the security and stability of mankind while refusing to fulfill his obligations in the automotive industry and aircraft, which is directly related to the lives of the people? The answers to these questions reveal that French human rights claims as vain.

** Blackmailing as trader

Another issue that is history's experience is due to France's history as a dealer during and after the negotiation on nuclear deal and this scenario is raised in which France seeks to blackmail Iran, as the French authorities have said several times that the JCPOA is incomplete, and that the missile issue and the region must be added to it, and on the other hand, has rejected the approval of the Supreme National Security Council (SCNS) as unacceptable and has taken an unconventional approach to its commitments.

If the French approach is pursued with this goal, it can be said that they have an illusion because Iran does not negotiate on missiles and the region under any circumstances, and, on the other hand, the Supreme National Security Council's decision on Iran's response to violations of other parties in the JCPOA is unchanged, and as the first step is implemented, within the next two months, the next step will begin.

Iran behaves based on its rights and duties and refuses to surrender to blackmailings, including the current French move, although it will take full advantage of all available capacities to protect and liberate its citizens throughout the world and will not abandon its rights in pursuing this. The important point is that France's practice of detaining Iranian engineer is a violation of all international laws on the freedom of education and training, and no country can prevent the freedom to exchange information. France's action in the arrest of an Iranian scientist is in principle the French war with the scientific process of Iran, which is a flagrant violation of international law, and France must respond to this anti-scientific act.

** Moving on byway

The most important point is that Paris continues to insist on walking on a detour and unproductive road. France's action on the extradition of an Iranian scientist to the United States is an act against human rights, since the American record indicates their inhumane behavior with prisoners, as of 5.2 million prisoners in the United States who are mostly colored, many of them are not even charged and, at worst condition, in prison.

Human rights institutions have warned many times about the critical situation in the US prisons. Many people have died in prisons in the United States. Accordingly, France's move threatens the life of this Iranian scientist, and France must respond to the possible consequences for him. France as claimant to preserve human rights instead of the extradition of the Iranian scientist should seek us accountability and the critical situation in its prisons, which underscores the French approach as vain in upholding human rights.

Of course, it should not be forgotten that French leaders in recent months, with the massive suppression of their people, as well as protecting Saudi Arabia in the killing of the Yemeni people, and of course the French military action in Libya in support of war and massacre, have shown that the term human rights does not make any sense to them.


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