May 26, 2019, 7:24 PM
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Democrats barricading White House hardliners in Persian Gulf

Tehran, May 26, IRNA - As tensions between Iran and the US has risen, Democrats in the US congress are now taking a step forward with a worrying look to challenge the pugnacity and avarice of the new government of the country; policies that in their look have exponentially intensified the security in Middle East and increase the risk of war.

Trump's entry to the White House coincided with the presence of a majority of Republican representatives in Congress (Senate and House of Representatives). Last year, however, with the congressional midterm elections, the congressional political line-up was changed so that Republicans retained their majority in the Senate, but lost most of the seats in the House of Representatives. Since then, Trump's actions have become more and more under the scrutiny of the House lawmakers, the fact that it showed itself on Tuesday.

The senators and members of the House of Representatives convened to examine the recent tensions between Iran and the United States; a closed-door meeting in which statesmen such as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, interim Defense Minister Patrick Shanahan and Joseph Dunford the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff attended the meeting to answer the questions of the MPs.

It was not unexpected that senior officials of Trump's administration in the meeting would defend the positions of the White House. For example, Trump's interim defense minister evaluated the strengthening of US military forces in the Persian Gulf on the basis of deterrence, which has led to the cessation of Iran's sabotage operations in this geographical area. Earlier, he had called sending US military equipment to the Persian Gulf as smart move.

But Democrats accessed Shanahan's remarks and other White House officials as exaggeration, mostly with the goal of waging a war. From the perspective of this political wing, no information has been received so far indicating an escalation of Tehran's subversive threats and movements, especially since the authorities of the Islamic Republic have officially denied any allegations of involvement in recent explosions.

The Democrats have warned Trump and his team of any provocative action leading to a military conflict with Iran, because they believe that reinforcing US military build-up in the region has led to more insecurity. In recent days, when the White House deployed Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf, and subsequently deployed the four B-52 bombers and the Patriot missile defense system in the Middle East, tensions have grown between Tehran and Washington.

Due to the increase in tensions in the region, several explosions and missile strikes have taken place in recent days, the explosion of four tankers in the UAE's Fujaireh port, sabotage at two Saudi oil transfer stations and a missile attack on the US embassy in Baghdad, are among them. Also on Wednesday, some sources have reported that another attack on Saudi’s Najran airport by Yemeni fighters has been announced in Saudi Arabia.

The Arab-western authorities attribute such subversive acts to Iran, while the authorities of the Islamic Republic consider it a suspicious and conspiracy of enemies. It was in this regard that a few days ago, the foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, assessed the sabotage actions as predictable, and emphasized that "we had already predicted that some would push for tensions in the region by doing some actions. "

Zarif also wrote on his Twitter page, "This prediction is not due to being a genius, but because the "Team B” outrageously follows John Bolton's prescription to such extent.

Understanding the unpleasant consequences of increasing the presence of the US troops and weapons in the Persian Gulf, has concerned the Democrats with the continuation of such a situation. In addition to a joint meeting with Trump government officials, they met in a separate and secret meeting with Obama administration officials such as Wendy Sherman, the nuclear negotiator of that time; Democrats who knew that a nuclear deal would lead to greater security in the region and hence, after 22 months of intense negotiations, they eventually created a deal, an agreement that was termed as discredit by Trump and a year later he withdrew from it.

From the Democrats' point of view, with the arrival of Trump to the White House, differences and tensions between the allied and non-allied states have increased dramatically. Hence, they strongly reject the confrontation between Iran and the United States, such as Democrat Senator Barney Sanders and Trump's rival, who criticized the military engagement with Tehran as an absolute catastrophe and criticized the repeated lies of the officials. Sanders believes that, as people were told lies about Vietnam, and the death of 59,000 Americans was false, this lies are raised in the way.

Therefore, Democrats, as well as some Republicans, do not accept the slogans of Trump and his team at the present time such as “movements and worrisome behaviors of Iran”, given to their experiences in the field of American foreign policy, the slogans that the White House has taken to advance their goals.


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