May 25, 2019, 5:33 PM
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Mousavian: Trump not able to force Iranians to capitulate

Tehran, May 25, IRNA – Iran's ex-diplomat and former nuclear negotiator Hossein Mousavian said the US President will not be able to make Iranians capitulate, adding that new talks depend on changing the US policy.

"What I see during President Trump I have never seen such a conflicting and confusing strategy from the US side in regard to Iran," Mousavian said in an interview with Russian international television network 'RT'.

He added: "It is very clear from one side President Trump is not in the same page with his key advisors and key decision-makers. "

"He [Trump] himself also does not have a clear strategy or policy on Iran very mixing signals, statements from one side he said you know what I need Iranians to call me we sit together then later he says you know threatening Iran with a war as he said which would be the official end of Iran, annihilation of Iran and wiping Iran off the map," Mousavian reiterated.

"Therefore we are facing with a president which really does not know what he wants about Iran," he noted.

Elaborating on the UK government's stance and also London's threats as regard complying with the JCPOA commitments, he said: "I think the British Foreign Minister should understand first the UK should comply with its commitments within the nuclear deal."

"Between all signatories of Iran nuclear deal the US has completely violated and withdrew the deal, violated the United Nations Security Council," Mousavian said, adding: "The UK has totally failed therefore first they lever you commitments then put a condition."

"The Europeans, including the UK, have failed to deliver their clear commitments for normal trade and business with Iran for two years," he noted.

He went on to say: "Only Iran has fully complied with every commitments of the nuclear deal therefore Europeans before everything before threatening Iran should say why they have not implemented the deal for two years why they have not complied with their signature, commitment within the nuclear deal before threatening Iran."

In response to another question why Iran trusted the US for negotiations, the Iranian expert said: "Negotiation does not mean trust, negotiation is just a way to resolve the differences not to reach to a complete trust by one deal."

"Iran has resisted the US pressure, sanctions, coercions, economic war, political war, intelligence war even the US joined Saddam Hussein attacking Iran," he added.

Revealing the US hostile background towards Iran, he said: "The US attacked the oil infrastructures in Persian Gulf, Iranian infrastructures, tankers and everything, but Iran has been successful to resist the US for 40 years without nuclear bomb."

"Second, the US policy has been based on pressures, sanctions to weaken Iran, to isolate Iran, but today the US is facing with the reality that Iran if not the most powerful, stable country in the region is one the most powerful, influential and stable countries in the region, therefore Iran has achieved all these without nuclear bomb."

"I think compared to other P5+1 members, Russia and China they have been more sincere for implementing the deal."

"Europeans politically are supporting the deal like Russia and China, but they have failures in compliance and in practical terms."

"Still we have failures from Russia and China for full compliance with the terms and conditions of the nuclear deal; however, it is good now that the international community, the world public opinion can really understand for the first time between Iran, the US and the world powers there was an official agreement on one of the most disputed issues," he said adding, "I believe Russia and China have been really more sincere and transparent on implementing the deal in practical steps however."

Highlighting Iran compliance with its all commitments, Mousavian said: "Therefore for the international community now it is clear that Iran which accepted transparency measures more than any country is not after nuclear bomb; however, if President Trump is going to kill the nuclear deal in order to reach another deal or in order to capitulate Iran or to bring regime change in Iran or to have a broader package of negotiations and deal with Iran."

"I don’t believe with such a strategy President Trump's conflicting strategy, bullying strategy, coercion strategy president Trump is following currently I don’t believe Iranians would ever be ready to negotiate with such administration except if President Trump changes his strategy, comply with the nuclear deal as approved by the United Nations Security Council and then respects the principles of mutual respect and non-interference then I believe there would be a chance," he stressed.


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