May 25, 2019, 3:46 PM
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Russia grand Mufti demands Muslims fight Deal of Century
Nafiqollah Ashirov

Moscow, May 25, IRNA - Head of Russia's Council of Muftis Nafiqollah Ashirov wanted all the Muslim around the world to defend the Palestinians' rights and stand up to the overt act of treason against Muslims, named Deal of the Century.

"Defending Palestine is a duty for every single Muslim," Ashirov told IRNA in an interview.

Palestinians see their own country that was obliterated  decades ago by "a global conspiracy", Ashirov said, condemning the US conference that is going to be held in Bahrain about the Deal of the Century.

"It is only the Islamic Republic of Iran that has been decisively defending the rights of the Palestinians; and the Quds Day that was an innovation of Imam Khomeini is held for unity of Muslims to regain the lost rights of the Palestinians."

Expressing sorrow about the fact that some Muslim countries' leaders have been silent against the Deal of the Century and never said a word against it, he added, "With the conference to be held in Bahrain, this year's Quds Day is of special importance."

Muslims should take part in the Quds Day rallies to support the rights of the Palestinians and not let the Deal of the Century come true, he said.

On June 25-26, a US-led conference will be held in Bahrain in support of Washington's Middle East peace plan, namely the Deal of the Century, to encourage investment in the Palestinian territories as the first phase of the deal.

US President Donald Trump's son-in-law and advisor Jared Kushner had already announced that the deal of the century will be announced after Ramadan.

Channel 13 of the Zionist regime's TV reported that the US administration has officially invited the Zionist regime to take part in the conference.


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