US policy towards Iran putting entire region in dangerous situation: Pak analyst

Islamabad, May 22, IRNA -- Pakistani security analyst says entire region is in the grip of tension and uncertainty because of the aggressive US policy towards Iran.

In an interview with IRNA Imtiaz Gul said that Americans are trying to increase tensions in the region by creating unnecessary tension.
He said Americans are creating a provocative situation in the region.
Executive Director of Center for Research and Security Studies expressing his views said Americans are looking for excuses in a risky situation US created so that each side may take defensive preparations of the other as an offensive operation.

“Entire region is in the grip of tension because of the aggressive US policy,” noted the security analyst.
Imtiaz Gul expressing his views said Pakistan is embroiled in a troubled and difficult siltation.
“Pakistan can only advise the US and its allies to refrain from taking an action that can trigger conflict in the region,” he added.
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