May 22, 2019, 2:13 PM
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Iran always in good terms with region: Egyptian author

Tehran, May 22, IRNA – Iran has never posed a threat to any regional country and has always had good ties with them, Egyptian author Mohammad Seyed Ahmad said on Wednesday.

'Before the United States played the cards of sedition, Iran had great relations with its neighbors,' he wrote in an article in Syrian newspaper Tishreen.

In the current crisis, any wise person fathoms out that the purpose of the US threats is to stop Iran from resisting to the conspiracy US-Zionist regime, he wrote.

'As long as Washington used the pretext of weapons of mass destruction to attack Iraq, Libya, Syria, and now Iran, the world will never forget that the US has different kinds of WMD at hand and is the only country that has used them in the past 75 years.'

'Iran is a strategic power in the region, capable of threatening the US interests and the Zionist regime's security.'

He wrote that despite the severe economic sanctions, Iran has made a lot of progress and become a regional power with special stance and leverage.

In as much the US is well aware of how powerful Iran is and that the Zionist regime is in the range of Iranian weapons, their threats will not lead into a clash, Seyyed Ahmad said.

He added Washington introduces Tehran as a threat mostly because it wants to plunder assets of Persian Gulf states.
'Some need to wake up and understand that Iran is a regional country and their geographical partner, that their true enemy is the Zionist regime, and that all the US attempt to show Iran as an enemy is because they want to distract them from the real enemy, i.e. Israel.'


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